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were looking forward towards a prosperous Pakistan but suddenly all in vein. Kalabagh
Dam was a hydroelectric dam on Indus River at Kalabagh in Mianwali District of
Punjab province. This was a project planned in the reign of General Pervez
Musharraf in 2004 but this project faced severe opposition from Federal Ministry
of Water and Power, KPK, Sindh and other stakeholders because according to them
this project was not able to pay something huge to Pakistan. For almost 15
years Kalabagh Dam has been under discussion but nothing has been materialized.

This dam had a capacity to
generate 3600 megawatt of electricity although this cannot eradicate the
shortage of electricity but the ever increasing demand for electricity would
have been met and the 3600 MW addition in the national grid would have made a
massive difference. The destruction caused by the horrible floods especially
one in 2010 would have been minimized. This Dam is capable of eradicating
poverty from KPK because it will irrigate 800,000 acres of fertile land that is
located above the level of river Indus. Moreover, every year India releases
water once and the water levels in Jhelum and Chenab reach dangerous levels .This
dam is big water reservoir that can serve us in the eleventh hour. All these
circumstances are not enough for the provincial governments to keep their
differences aside and settle on the single decision for the betterment of the
entire nation? If the differences are kept aside and the general need of nation
is to be focused upon, then Kalabagh dam is a big step towards the prosperity.

of Kalabagh Dam was severely opposed by KPK and Sindh. Sindh has expressed
several reservations but the main one is the release of water from the KBD
reservoir to Punjab while KPK’s key concern has been the flooding of Nowshera.
Other reasons behind this opposition include ignorance that small provinces
have to face after its construction and economic interests of KPK. Also large
Dams have a bad impact on surrounding environment. Many experts oppose the idea
of constructing the Kalabagh Dam due to its economic and technically weak

Nations who fail to learn from
history have to suffer again and again. Unfortunately, we are also doing the
same. Actually none of the single arguments which are against Kalabagh dam have
credibility. All of them are lame excuses with a single main point that we are
still Sindhi’s, Punjabi’s, Balouch and Pathan. We are the one to shout ‘JAAG
PUNJABI JAAG’,’SINDH-O-DESH’ and ‘PAKHTOONISTAN’ keeping the fact of progress
and prosperity of Pakistan fully aside. Our government should form a committee
that include some geological experts and members from each province so that all
the facts and figures are brought onto a single piece of paper and without any
political influence the results of committee should be published so that the
actions according to the results can be executed.