Justin and how they made us feel

Justin VillarEnvironmental Ethics 1/24/18Neighborhood project  In my environmental ethics class, we have discussed countless issues that have and still are affecting the environment, pinpointing the cause on humanity and its relationship with the earth and the other living beings in it. Our professor had asked us to take a critical walk around our neighborhood, while doing so we were to recover some information on its ecology and history, also the current environmental features, and how they made us feel and what we can do to change these issues. To start things off here’s a little history on my neighborhood, according to the article Fordham, The Bronx (History) found on urban areas.net, ” Before the 1900’s, like much of the Bronx at that time, the Fordham Village was composed of small farms and estates”.  At the time industrialization hadn’t showed its face near Fordham and it was just filled with grass life, which later in life led to the creation of the famous New York botanical garden in 1891. As time flew by the early 1900`s came according to urbanareas.net ”  the emergence of inexpensive and accessible rapid transit like the Third Avenue El, the Jerome Avenue IRT, and the IND under the Grand Concourse drew a large influx of people to Fordham from Manhattan and the lower Bronx. With the sprouting, multicultural population came more neighborhood stores and larger businesses to serve the booming community”. With time industrialization surely arrived crashing down on most of the green land that was left in the bronx, with road building, the construction of servail public transportation, and other big business. This is what brought forth more of the population of the neighborhood i live in. Now will get into my walk I took, the first things i walk out to is nothing but a much of building and cars looking for parking. Also  a small mountain of trash that is left outside of my building for the garbage trucks to come pick up i’m assuming. As we make our way down I notice the construction of another building is well on its way, and there nothing but dirt and gravel on the floor. I also notice the fire hydrant next to that new building is still open.being that there’s  no work going on, it was causing nothing but a big waste caused by the construction workers. The next thing I notice is the laundromat pumping out all this smoke damaging the air. With that follows up a few corner stores with in a one block radius filled with the junk we humans should not be consuming. Next to these store is one of the next biggest problems is the liquor store, where the youth and the elderly go to lose their lives and livers. One nice thing i can say is that there are a few trees on each block for the most part but the survive in this area were trash is thrown near them i don’t know. Further along the walk we have made it to our shopping district where it’s just one long food desert, there’s a fast food joint with in almost every one block radius. You name it burgers, pizza, ice cream, it was waiting for the people who inhibit this neighborhood to come and gets their blood pressure raised by the thousands. In my opinion all these space the fast food joint take up can be filled in with some kind of healthy food related place. so, that the bronx can stop being know as according to Corinne Lestch writer of the daily news and of author of the article  “The Bronx tips the scale as the fastest-growing fast food locale in the city with more McDonalds, Subway chains “,” The Bronx, which tips the scale as the unhealthiest county in New York, is the No. 1 destination for fast-food stores.” It’s pretty sticking to have to see this every few steps I take. One thing that has been catching my even more and blinding it at the same time is all the lights that these store in the shopping center use to attract customers to their store not only are they a bit much but the light pollution must be unreal next to all the cars that pass by destroying the air we breathe. I mean the list goes on with all the