It an image recognition based surveillance system

gives me immense pleasure to recommend Mr.
Viswanath Yadlapalli for graduate studies at your university.
I have known Mr. Viswanath for 3 years as my
student. I
know him very well as a professor and an assigned supervisor of his graduation
project, and this gave me the chance to gain insight into the student’s
abilities and personality.

            The first impression that one forms
of Mr. Viswanath is
that, he has a good hold on the basic principles underlying various subjects. Since
the beginning of our collaboration Viswanath has come across as an intelligent
and hardworking student.

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his graduation project, he developed an image recognition based surveillance
system using ti tools. Using a broad interdisciplinary approach, he accomplished
to effectively reduce data requirements of a surveillance system. Besides embedded
systems, Viswanath showed a keen interest in Computer science and is well
versed in computer programming and web & mobile application development. For
his mini projects he developed embedded systems like wearable health
monitoring system and mobile controlled home automation both of which were
controlled through android phone apps that he developed. His
balanced approach towards both curriculum and learning these technologies has
shown his fortitude and I am highly impressed by his ability to
develop projects which are pragmatic and functional.

I was able to recognize his ability to analyze
different subjects together which would make him fit for a research oriented
study. He has come up with innovative approaches to solve problems. He had
shown exceptional communication and organizational skills during his project

Considering his keen
interest in pursuing higher studies and his capacity for research oriented
study, I strongly recommend him for admission into your graduate program with
all possible financial assistance. 


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