Integrity: Core Issues in Ethics and Person Essay

Integrity is non merely one of the seven ground forces values a soldier should populate by. it is the footing and foundation of trust. duty. regard. and honestness. If a soldier or anyone for that affair does non hold unity they will non be able to win in their profession. relationships. and in life. The more honorable picks a individual makes the more he can be trusted. but non merely his word will be trusted. that individual will derive more duty. better leading places. and more significantly more respect that individual will derive. The more you lead your life by unity the better and easier it will be. When asked a inquiry you should be honest and you should believe about your reply so that you are relaying right information. Integrity has many significances. making what’s right lawfully and morally. being honest. unsloped. and nice in our traffics with others. When we are guided by unity. our ideas. actions. and words are in line with each other. our actions align with our rules. Our behavior speaks for us. better than words of all time could. It becomes the footing for both repute and dignity. Integrity demands bravery.

No affair who you are speaking to you should be honest non untruthful. even if it makes person disquieted. You should populate with unity everyday of your life no affair what. Developing unity requires internal honestness. because we can’t be honest with others unless we are honorable with ourselves. It requires self-awareness. since we can non accurately pass on what we do non cognize. Integrity is non merely a word. it’s a codification to populate by to take a life of honestness and regard. If everyone in the universe were to populate with unity the universe would be a much better topographic point to populate in. people would be honest. respectful. and they would make the right thing no affair what. If a individual with unity were to happen a billfold for case. that individual would seek to happen the rightful proprietor of the billfold.

If the proprietor was non found they would turn the billfold into the constabulary station or to a lost and found where they had found it. Having unity means you don’t make anything or state anything that deceives anyone. You do non lie. you don’t darnel. and you do non even flex the truth. Having unity can besides intend you holding personal bravery. Having the personal bravery to stand up for what is right no affair the fortunes is really of import to one’s unity. if you see person making something incorrect it is of import to rectify them courteously so now they know what’s incorrect and they can repair it before the job gets to bad or out of control. A individual should be straight and honest about everything no affair the effects. You should ne’er seek to even lead on person because they will happen the truth about it.

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Peoples of unity can be counted on to stand up for what it right. even if it is unpopular. and to make the right thing even when there is no 1 about to see. Integrity allows other people to swear you because they know that we value our committednesss and seek to populate by them. Every soldier in the military should populate with unity because we are all a brotherhood. everyone is a household in the military. We should all be true to ourselves. civilians. and particularly our fellow service members. Integrity does non know apart either. It does non count who asks the inquiry. who is looking. or who is non looking you should ever be true. and do the right thing no affair what. If a individual entirely and they know or even think they’re making something incorrect they shouldn’t do it. that is demoing unity and demoing others who you think may non be looking that you can make the right thing and be trusted when person might necessitate it most. Without unity no 1 can swear you. even if you are stating the truth. no 1 will believe you because you have already broken their trust in you.

They will non merely look into up on you invariably but they will besides non believe you until they confirm it for themselves. When you show the deficiency of unity to person they have to take clip out of their twenty-four hours and off from their households to either square you off or happen out the truth. which makes it much worse on you if you did lie about something. It is ever best to state the truth the first clip though you may be punished for messing up it will be a batch easier to state the truth than to lie about it and hold to do up more prevarications to cover up the prevarications you already made. You must hold the bravery and award to state the truth the first clip. Not merely is lying morally incorrect but it will interrupt the bond of a man’s word and it will take a really long clip to do it up and reconstruct that trust once more. You can non hold duty without holding unity either. No 1 will swear you to make anything or to set you in charge of anything because non merely can they non swear you because you lied to them but because you have failed them at what they expected out of you. At a first feeling people will hold trust in you unless you lie to them or demo you a ground non to swear you.

If you lie to person you show them non merely that you are a prevaricator but you have no regard for that individual. Everyone deserves respect but the degree of regard they deserve determines on the degree of regard they show for other people and the sum of duty they can demo a individual. You must besides hold self-respect to hold unity if you don’t esteem yourself you can non esteem anyone else in this universe. If person put you in charge of other work forces you are responsible for their wellbeing. they should be able to come to you with any job that might originate in their lives Honesty is the biggest factor of unity in my sentiment. to hold unity you MUST hold honestness. You must be able to demo a individual that you can be trusted. but first you must hold honestness in yourself. Without holding honestness in yourself it is impossible to be honest to other people. it is much easier to state person the truth foremost away than to lie to them because you will non merely have lied one time but you will hold to do up more prevarications to cover up the first prevarication and more prevarications to cover up those and when person finds out the truth it will be much worse on you than it would’ve been if you had merely told the truth in the first topographic point.

If you lie to person one time you will continually lie to them unless you stop the prevarication and come Forth with the truth and stand at that place take your penalty and learn from your errors right off and non hold to maintain doing them. your repute besides depends on unity because if you show a changeless deficiency of unity you show non merely the individual who is covering with you but you show the others around you that you can non be trusted and they will non desire to make anything for you because you will hold burned your Bridgess with them. Your unity is now gone and your repute is ruined. Your repute is something that take a really long clip to reconstruct much like someone’s trust. It all depends on the individuals trust that you lost on how long it takes you to reconstruct that trust.

Once you eventually do recover someone’s trust it is of import to maintain that individuals trust because if you break their trust once more you become a accustomed prevaricator and you will lose their trust once more and perchance everlastingly. Integrity is besides a major factor in trade devising. If you make a trade or do a committedness you must lodge to that trade. Having unity is like holding a contract. though it may non be in composing or an existent legal papers it is nevertheless like a handshaking. When you say you will make something you will make it if you have unity because it is the morally right thing to make. it is a man’s word and he must hold the enteric fortitude to lodge to his word as if it was a contract.

A person’s word is all they have in this universe because if person word can non be trusted they will non do it anyplace in life particularly if you make the deficiency of unity a wont. Having unity shows a individual you can be trusted with merely about any undertaking you are put in charge of. You will make that undertaking and non merely do it compensate you will transcend that person’s outlook. When you are assigned a undertaking it is of import to make it compensate the first clip because non merely will you hold to travel back a 2nd clip and make the undertaking over once more but in the military it could intend someone’s life at interest. A individual must give every undertaking they are assigned with over one hundred per centum so that non merely are the outlooks met but they are exceeded by far.

The ground forces value unity is put in topographic point for a ground. That ground is to do an honest. trustworthy. responsible. and honest soldier. All seven ground forcess values tie in together so that if you follow all seven you will be a trusty. honest. responsible. and respectable soldier. It is of import to hold unity for many grounds because without it you can non be trusted. responsible and squared off. Once you live your life with unity you will be trusted more. be able to take on more duty. but you will construct your repute in other people.


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