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In the 1983 film adaptation of Willy Russell’s play, Educating Rita, director Lewis Gilbert presents Rita as a woman who is eager for knowledge despite the obstacles that present to her. Her main intention is to gain a college education and she largely succeed in this by the end of the film. The change for Rita, brought may positive aspects t her life as well as many negative ones. She went from being someone who is a hyper and open-minded character, searching for adventure of what is to come to someone who is now full of insight and knowledge that she ultimately changes as the person she used to be like.  Rita’s life and shows her gradual progress in an English Literature course taught by her tutor Frank. At first Rita knows she wants to do the course but not how well she will do on it. It seems that she would rather do anything but talk about literature in the early lessons but she as time passes she gradually gains confidence and skill in her speech and writing. Her progress is shown as her response to Macbeth is one where she truly enjoyed the continent of the play rather than completely ignoring it. Initially she does not understand how to write about it and produces a ‘crap’ essay. Frank later explains that the essay is not bad in terms of a personal response to the play but it does not fulfil the criteria of the course she is doing. He says to her that “to pass examinations, you’re going to have to suppress, perhaps even abandon your uniqueness”. In the end that is exactly what happens to Rita. Rita’s education goes far beyond just reading and responding to the books that she’s been assigned to read over. When she first comes to the university she is impressed and even a little intimidated by being surrounded by the intelligent people she sees around her. By the end of the play she is able to tell them when they are speaking nonsense and join in their conversations as an equal. Success in her literature course has thus given her greater confidence in the wider world. In the end, Rita finally realizes that just because people seems to know and have the knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean that they are happy with what they have. She had to go through many ups and downs to realize the true meaning of learning and how    


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