In Somalia against their will. One of

In this report I will describe a human
right that’s being abused around the world. 
Freedom of movement states that 1.Everyone has the right to freedom of
movement and residence within the borders of each State. 2.Everyone has the
right to leave any country, including his/her own, and to return to his
country. This human right is important because without it there is no
true freedom. Lots of people in different counties dream of having that rule.
Unfortunately, in their country they have a dictator or they don’t have enough
money to leave their country. Even when they have money, sometimes they need to
a visa to travel to another country. And for some countries visa can be really
hard to get.

This human right is really easy to
violate and lots of people  and
governments do so by restricting people movement. For example, the government
of Kenya violated the international refugee law when they closed the border to
thousands of people escaping the armed conflict in neighboring Somalia.
Refugees were illegally stopped at the Kenyan border. After that without charge
or trial  they were returned to Somalia
against their will. One of the worst places to live in the world is North
Korea. The communist party keeps people from leaving the country because it use
them as a slaves in the industry  and
agriculture. Many people die during the escape attempt. We can understand how
desperately North Korean people  want to
leave their country through the recent video of soldier who was shot multiple
times during his running to South Korean territory.

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CANZUK International is
one of the organizations that is working on free movement of citizens between Canada,
Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Over 197,000 people signed
CANZUK free movement petition. There is no discrimination of free movement in
Canada, but this organization works to establish freedom of movement between
these countries as they have a lot in common. These countries have the same
language, similar laws, and democracy.

Lifeline Syria is
another Canadian NGO targeting to help people in Syria. After civil war
millions of people lost their homes and became refugees. Approximately 400,000
of them have died during their escape to Europe. Lifeline Syria sponsors
immigration of syrian refugees to 
Canada. It creates sponsors group to help refugees to come to Canada and
settle there. CEO of Lifeline Syria is Mohammad Al Zaibak who emigrated to
Canada from Syria 30 years ago. Many people who created this network initially
where related to Syria, but now many Canadians joined this initiative and
supported it. So far,  the organization
has sponsored more than 1,000 refugees.  

Freedom of movement is
a right that isn’t being observed just like most of other human rights. Lots of
people are prevented from leaving their country because of humanitarian
situation or dictatorships.  People need
to change their mentality and understand that all people must have equal
rights. But the world will not change itself unless people realize the
importance of this right and try to do something practically. Then we  will be one step closer to living in a
peaceful, fair and safe world.


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