In For instance, the American prison system,

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In contrast, Europeans
required slaves for labor-intensive work on their plantations in the New World.

Consequently, they preferred male slaves to female ones although women were
also valuable as domestic servants. Europeans also accepted marriages between
slaves allowing them to have children and grandchildren. In fact, only 388,000
slaves landed in North America during the Atlantic Slave Trade (Gates, 2014).

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Today, the US alone has 42 million African Americans who mostly descended from
this small group of imported individuals (Gates, 2014). Unlike Arab Muslims,
European Christians could enslave fellow Christians. Finally, the
sophistication of the Atlantic slave trade was extraordinary at the time mostly
because Europeans had been developing mass incarceration systems since medieval
times. The differences between the Arab Slave Trade and the Atlantic one are
critical to understanding the character of mass incarceration in the United
States. For instance, the American prison system, which has its origins in the
medieval European practices of imprisonment, targets African American men.

Similarly, the Atlantic Slave Trade focused on African men. Moreover, the
American prison system impacts affected families perpetually. In other words,
the sons and daughters of presently incarcerated individuals are likely to end
up in prison as well. In the same way, the progeny of slaves became slaves
themselves. Furthermore, the US criminal system targets black people
indiscriminately including African Americans who have assimilated into the
middle or upper class.


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