In behaviour as they only show that


In addition to it, the campaign had a lack of explicit exchange. To
change behaviour, people need meaningful incentives, and it is core of social
marketing to identify the costs and benefits to target audience of undertaking
the suggested behaviour. (Kotler, 1971) Just telling people
to change their behaviour is not really effective. (Cawley, 2004) In this point of
view, the campaign have a lack of benefits when the target audience change the
behaviour as they only show that how this behaviour hurts other people. In this
campaign, there was no immediate benefit for the individual and it is hard to
break prejudice with just watching one video. To improve this, the campaign
need to consider any benefits that the individual or society can achieve.

5. Conclusion

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In this essay, the social marketing
campaign is explained deeply with their own characteristics with the goal and benchmarks.
The biggest difference between social marketing and commercial marketing is the
goal, as the social marketing aims to encourage people to change behaviour as a
result. With this distinct character of social marketing, social media channel
can be used to reach a large number of customers and influence their behaviour
through active interaction. The ‘Love Has No Labels’ campaign is well executed
with the brilliant idea of communication approach by using cross-channel
strategy across offline event, social media and online website. Moreover, they
tried to build various methods to engage people with the hashtag, the social
gallery and a quiz on the website. Their goal and objectives are clearly
addressed, and they chose the right channel to target their audience,
Millennials through the in-depth research. The result was very successful
generating a lot of engagement including sharing, reposts, like and views. This
campaign implies the meaningful lesson to social marketers about the effective
usage of social media as a core communication tool for social marketing. In the
future, studies concerning the evaluation of effectiveness in social marketing
could consider additional factors to measure the effectiveness more precisely.