If operation, processes, engineering consultancy or in

If someone is interested in
how the physical world works and want to be involved in leading-edge
technologies that can enrich people’s lives, consider taking a degree in
chemical engineering.


Chemical Engineering is the most enthralling field among all other engineering fields. According
to me it truly reflects human endeavor
and spirit through all means such as making something of value out of raw
materials, and the addition of unknown substances.
For these reasons, I want to study
Chemical Engineering, I find the field exciting yet full of learning. In this
growing phase of today in which natural resources are depleting, question has
been raised that can we make it sustainable. The answer to these questions lies
in my personal aspiration, and a degree of Chemical Engineering which will help
me to contribute in my own unique way.

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The reason to choose Chemical Engineering is that
Chemical engineers have many career growth opportunities. A graduate might kick
start in scientific research, work as a shift engineer, or get a high level
management position. Also, I love to add further knowledge and develop understanding
of basic concepts of chemical processes that encounter into manufacturing the
necessities that are being used in in our daily lives.

Chemical engineers strive to improve the quality of
life as this can change the world. Most daily running items are produced by
chemical engineers. Chemical engineers are aiming to end hunger, poverty and
disease.  I really love Chemical
Engineering because as a part of the course they study management, economics,
environment, and the safety. Chemical Engineers have sound technical knowledge
of materials, nanotechnology, biochemistry and energy engineering.

Chemical Engineers can acquire key skills on the ladder
of their experience which are important for survival such as problem solving,
critical thinking, analytical and research skills. Chemical engineering
graduates can mark their successful careers in operation, processes,
engineering consultancy or in chemical businesses.

However I was truly tempted into taking Chemical
Engineering as a degree after reading the inspiring story of a war soldier who
was saved by a shot in his new body armor. The bullet was supposed to hit him
off his feet. I impulsively thought that only a Chemical Engineer saved his
life, not just his body armor; I find this totally incredible and decided to
learn more about implausible things by compelling such a course.