I someone’s ex-wife… guess I should stop

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I introduced myself using the question “Who am I,” which I ended with the answer “I Am.”I probably should expect after reading; this could cause a few frowns.And as predicted, after sharing this introduction with a friend of mine who has become very close to my heart within a short period, a friend who is always straightforward, but also very bold and true.He said which to me (in my paraphrasing) sounded a little like this: ” Roshni it’s great you started your page which by the way looks good, however, and I sincerely apologize for saying this, but the answer to your question “Who Am I” doesn’t tell me sh**t.                                                                                                                 Well, you can guess that this startled me a little…Ok, a lot. So here I am as a service to him, probably amongst others to explain what I meant with my introduction.Here goes:”I am is the essence of my personality without all identifications.”Usually, after we say I am, we say “What we are” or “What we have accomplished” or “What we experienced in the past.”In my case I could say I AM a Certified Public Accountant, I AM someone coming from a well-established family, I AM a former Chess Champion (yes it’s true), I AM someone’s ex-wife… guess I should stop now.However when stating all the above, I am identifying with past experiences, with accomplishments, with education, with my car, my house, the watch I wear and how many Chanel bags I have in my closet.Which made me think of a famous quote by Jim Carrey: “I think everybody should get rich and famous and buy everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.”A statement very profound, yet merely meaning that all external details do not even come close to the person we are and the person who I truly am.Knowing who you are means, knowing yourself at a level beyond a level of thoughts and perceptions about yourself.Ultimately knowing yourself is being yourself entirely. Being in touch with the being that you are.When we say I am and add nothing to it, this can get you in touch with the essence of your being.          Therefore I started this page with the question ” who am I,” not looking for an answer. But instead let the answer come to me.      And when I truly listen…, I feel a sense of connectedness and a sense of peace.I guess at this moment that is all I am and all you need to know about me.I am nothing more and nothing less…  


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