I raises social issues in today’s society

I have a
broad interest in many subject areas yet feel drawn towards a law degree; law
is an area which has interested me from an early age. I enjoy extensive reading
and recognise that this is essential in studying law. I consider myself to be
well suited to a career in law as I pay much attention to detail and take
pleasure in undergoing work which raises social issues in today’s society and
requires the skill to manipulate evidence and present persuasive arguments. I
consider myself to have the necessary qualities to enable me to be a successful
lawyer. I am a confident speaker who can argue a case with efficiency and

My work
experience is very broad due to a variety of positions I have held in
differentiating working environments. Having worked for Malik & Malik
Solicitors has been the most influential. I had the opportunity to shadow
administrators, solicitors and office clerks. It has been interesting to
observe how a company operates from the inside and how they deal with both
customers. I took every opportunity to learn from the experience and it feel
like it has given me a much more practical understanding of how a business

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English was interesting as you get to learn about poems, articles and have
self-confidence to get to talk to other people in society. It has increased my
intellectual skills regarding talking with diverse culture speaking English;
this will aid and guide me to becoming a more professional lawyer.
Additionally, studying ICT is very useful when it comes to administration as
many lawyers nowadays use computer to write up their report. Therefore, knowing
most of the components within a computer and particularly knowing how to use
Microsoft office as a whole subsidies and provided me with additional knowledge
of the functions that I did not know how to use before. I enjoyed learning
computer hardware in terms of knowing the input and output types of devices,
touch-screen technologies, different types of printers and comparison etc. Lastly,
business has overall helped me to understand and solve business loss or
profitability which I enjoyed the most and how they avoid individuals like me
to spend too much or else consequences like getting into debt can hinder
personal assets being taken away and will essentially give you a bad credit

I have
enhanced my capacity for independent learning and self-motivation, as a lack of
teacher in some lessons created the need for me to teach myself key concepts
and motivate myself to complete assignments. This has prepared me well for
university, where the emphasis on independent learning is high and the skill of
self-motivation is necessary. My ability to motivate myself is a key factor in
my overall success. I am an extremely hardworking person and I am committed to
reaching my goal.

In my
school’s community, I have participated in coach bright and student prefect. This
truly helped me with my confidence to helping younger students. This also
helped the younger student to achieve their target grade. By helping the
younger student, I was given a certificate which made me realise how I can
achieve a goal if I put my mind to it.

During my
free time, I have participated in Badminton, Cricket, and Basketball activities,
and worked part time throughout my final school year.  This experience has taught me the importance
of communication, teamwork and self-reliance. Moreover, it has imparted me to
learn to balance the requirements of study with extra-curricular activities,
and develop valuable skills which will see me succeed in University and beyond.

As a result
of my education and experiences I feel that I have developed the skills
necessary to meet the challenge that further education will provide me with and
challenges that I look forward to meeting and accomplishing.