I of time so that to move

I have always believed that success is achieving the goal
with the right ability and within the estimated period of time so that to move
on to another goal. Considering that my undergraduate programme is going to end
shortly, this is the crucial stage of my life where I should make the right
decision and move in right direction which leads me to the prime goal of my
life, which is to pursue Graduate programme in a renowned institution like
yours to refine my skills and knowledge. In my secondary and higher secondary
education, I have shown ardent interest in physics and mathematics which
empowered my analytical and quantitative knowledge and that helped me in
acquiring 86% and 91% in secondary and higher secondary examinations which made
it easy to pursue my dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. This competitive
spirit drove me to achieve success in academics.

Realising my love and fascination towards science and
technology, I took up Mechanical Engineering as my undergraduate programme in Valliammai
Engineering College under prestigious Anna University. I strongly believe
engineering is vast and boundless with an ocean of opportunities. The
undergraduate curriculum exposed me to myriad aspects and diverse sectors
relating to mechanical engineering. This gave me in depth knowledge in subjects
like Strength of Materials, Computer Aided Manufacturing, and Thermodynamics in
conjunction with management modules like Total Quality Management, Engineering
Economics and Principles of Management and so on.

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The fascination for industries and Production engineering
began, when I went on my first Inplant training in Integral coach factory (ICF)
and there on the allure towards the industries and production sectors made me
to engage myself into such industrial trainings in Ashok Leyland, Engine
Factory Avadi (EFA) and Airports Authority of India (AAI). These practical
experiences beyond the four walls of my classroom bolstered me to gain more
knowledge about the real time applications and various aspects of the subjects.
Being an avid learner, I was a member of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
during the year (2016-2017).

To support my interest in practical learning, I completed a Mini
Project and a Main project. The mini project is all about designing and fabricating
a thermoelectric refrigerator powered by solar energy. The main intent of this
project is to build a completely eco-friendly refrigeration system. Coming to
my final year project, it is the design and fabrication of zero turning radius
vehicle which helps to maneuver and turn the vehicle easily. These project
experiences have given me a great experience and knowledge by leading a team of
four fellow mates. I have also learned how to overcome the practical
difficulties in the inculcation of various ideas. . I give concerted efforts
with dedication starting from academic pursuits to extra-curricular activities
such as by participating, managing and organizing various events in the
department symposium. I started A1 level in German language during my 3rd
year of Bachelors studies. The nature of the language cultivated illimitable
interest in me towards the language and that drove me to successfully complete
B1 level.

Pursuing graduate studies in RWTH Aachen University in
Germany is one the biggest goals of my life, as Germany the home for automotive
giants such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi. The standard of education that Germany
provides is the best


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