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I can’t express how excited I am for this trip! Since I can remember, I’ve always dreamt of visiting Australia. I am captivated by how beautiful Oz is from the heavenly photos I’ve seen depicting crystal clear turquoise waters and perfectly white sand. Stunning stretches of sand that look undeniably perfect is just one of the thousands of reasons why I want to visit Australia.Living as temporary Aussie’s This trip is made possible because of Joe’s work. Joe is fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work in Brisbane for a month as his job has an office situated over there, as well as in the UK. As for me, I’ll be tagging along and experiencing life as a temporary Aussie. We’re staying in an adorable Airbnb for the first month, located in the leafy inner-city suburb of Auchenflower, near Brisbane. Although the first month is for work purposes for Joe, I’m fortunate enough to do as I please. This means I’ll be spending a lot of my time exploring the city. I’ve heard Brisbane is a gorgeous river town with a vibrant nightlife, a booming art scene and a gorgeous riverfront, with the best freshly ground coffee. I am SO excited to explore this beautiful world. It’s also the perfect opportunity for me to focus on my blog, whilst sipping on coffee, and I hope to (maybe) start vlogging.On the weekend(s), we’re hoping to fit in mini weekend breaks to make the most out of visiting Australia. Sydney and Gold Coast are our top priorities. Visually, Sydney looks stunning. Although it’s a city, I’ve heard Sydney’s message to visitors is always “relax, go outside, and enjoy the beautiful weather.” It’ll make for a perfect weekend. Gold Coast is also another beautiful haven, a must-do whilst we’re there.Backpacking across Australia Undoubtedly, Joe and I are most excited for our second month in Oz. Once Joe finishes work, this is where the real adventure begins. For four weeks, we’ll be living in a Camper Van, backpacking from Cairns to Brisbane. Our road trip will be the best chance to experience everything Australia has to offer from cosmopolitan cities, iconic sites, and world-class natural wonders, pristine beaches and ancient rainforests. Driving ourselves will allow us to get immersed in the scenery more and take offbeat diversions whenever we want.Although we’re flying to Cairns first, our trip technically begins in Cape Tribulation. Once we’ve picked up our ‘home’ for the next month, we’ll be travelling up to the Daintree Forest. From photographs, Cape Tribulation looks like a slice of paradise. Here, we’ll be able to camp out along the beachfront, in between an ancient forest and the sea. It honestly looks so serene.We’ll then be travelling back to Cairns again before beginning our road trip to Brisbane, which will include plenty of stops along the way. For those of you who may be a bit confused, we’ve flown from Brisbane up to Cairns, to pick up our campervan and then drive back down to Brisbane… it’s much cheaper that way!!!Joe and I have spent months planning our road trip. We’ve had several maps out, scribbling down every beach we’re hoping to visit and every activity there is; from sky-diving over the Whitsunday Islands to finding boutique cafes for breakfast! Our itinerary is packed, with a lot of activities involved. We’re also hoping to gain a taste of what it’s like to live like a local, quite literally!One place we’re excited about in particular is Fraser Island, the World’s Largest Sand Island. Apparently, the locals call it K’Gari meaning ‘paradise,’ and I can most certainly see why. Sculpted by wind and sand, the striking blue freshwater lakes, giant sand dunes and lush rainforests (the only known place where rainforest grows on sand) form this luxurious island. It’ll definitely make a perfect Instagram picture, especially looking out over Lake McKenzie.After travelling for 30 days, we’ll arrive back in Brisbane, in time for our very early flight to Singapore! Unlike the rest of our trip, Singapore will be a lot more relaxed, and a little more luxurious compared to sleeping in a Camper Van. Deciding that we would treat ourselves, we’ve booked our stay at Marina Bay Sands; the largest hotel in Singapore! The hotel looks remarkable, with an infinity pool on the 57th floor, lined with palm trees and sun loungers along the Skypark. It’ll be perfect for us to wind down, after a hectic two months, before flying home.Without a doubt, this is going to be the hardest vacation to return from, ever!


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