from classic to modern Wah-Wah sounds. EBS, buy EBS, EBS Singapore, EBS WahOne Pedal, EBS UniChorus PedalMake your musical instruments sound even better with EBS’s pedalsMusic is a language that reflects different cultures and beliefs through its amazing sounds and various musical instrument and gear have been helping this sound reach as many people for centuries now. Be it the traditional music instruments or their modern contemporaries, musical instruments can help you compose heart-touching music and various accessories can help you make them sound even better. No matter what kind of musical instruments accessories you are looking for, count on EBS to be your fully stocked music accessory and gear store.The brand has supplied its musical gear to some of the most iconic musician and bands such as Red Hot Chilli Pepper and now manufactures a huge range of amps, combos, cabinets and their highly successful Black Label Pedals series. The brand launched its very first pedal back in the 1990s and since then pedals are its one of the top sellers. One of the brands most popular pedals is EBS WahOne, which can create anything from classic to modern Wah-Wah sounds. Another best-selling product from the brand’s hood is EBS UniChorus Pedal. This pedal is built with best analogue circuiting available and it lets you choose easily between pitch modulation effects, flange and low noise studio quality chorus. Where to find musical equipment manufactured by EBS in Singapore?Looking for efficient music equipment online in Singapore? Lazada is your one-stop online destination for all your shopping needs and can help you find just the right product within a matter of minutes. Whether you want a guitar or guitar strings, a drumming set or a base pedal, video system or audio system, amplifiers or speakers, you can get everything that your music kit needs and all of that at amazing prices and jaw-dropping discounts. To buy EBS’s product, look through our user-friendly interface, make use of our carefully curated categories, navigate easily with our easy to use filters and reach the product that you are looking for. We know shopping online can be daunting tasks for many people and moods and opinions change in the matter of the minute, hence to keep it convenient for you our online portal offers various services. Two of our special services include free nationwide shipping and 14-days free returns on all of our products.  Why choose EBS?• If you are a bass player and you are looking for innovative musical equipment designed especially for professional music players. • The brand is dedicated to designing, researching, developing and manufacturing a huge variety of accessories for musical instruments that can improve the sound of your music manifold. • The brand has an international reach and all of its products accessible to everyone at all levels.• All the things required manufacturing the products manufactured by the brand, such as raw material, packaging materials, touching-up material, and labels etcetera go through a strict quality check and sophistication production process.• The brand always stays at the forefront of innovation, creativity and technology, and hence all the products manufactured by the brand are made of sheer brilliance, high-quality material and are equipped with the latest technology.