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House Arrest

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Every twelvemonth, province and federal prisons are filled to capacity with nonviolent

felons. This puts force per unit area on word boards to let go of felons who under

normal fortunes would non be released due to the nature of their offenses. Each

State & # 8217 ; s Department of Corrections has to pass more of taxpayers & # 8217 ; money each

twelvemonth for prison care, correctional officers and prison health care. The

job of prison over population can easy be put under control with the

execution of the new engineerings presently available for distant monitoring

and wireless frequence turn uping systems. Electronic monitoring and house apprehension has

go a feasible option to captivity, probation, and parole supervising.

Should a individual go to imprison for inordinate speeding tickets, a DUI, or

ownership of drugs while violent wrongdoers, such as rapers, are being released in 7

old ages alternatively of their 20 twelvemonth sentence? Non-violent offense wrongdoers could easy

be controlled and monitored without holding to be under 24 hr ticker in a

correctional installation. Criminals of nonviolent offenses are more likely to be

rehabilitated with community service along with house apprehension instead than

captivity ( Ramenez 47 ) . Electronic house apprehension has the capacity to cut down the

behaviour of its plans participants particularly the minor wrongdoers.

When a felon is placed under house arrest they are required under the

footings of their apprehension to pay for any and all of their personal and public disbursals.

The cost of maintaining a non-violent wrongdoer in gaol is expensive and the money

comes from province and federal revenue enhancements. The mean cost for health care for a prison

inmate in the province of Arizona is $ 2319.00 a twelvemonth ( Arizona Department of

Corrections. & # 8220 ; Healthcare Cost Statistics. & # 8221 ; ) . Multiplied by the figure of current

inmates the sum is about $ 60,900 million a twelvemonth, this is merely for

health care this does non include any other prison disbursals. The current figure of

non-violent offense wrongdoers incarcerated in the province of Arizona make up approximately

33 % ( Arizona Department of Corrections. & # 8220 ; Inmate Statistics. & # 8221 ; ) . If lone half of

Arizona & # 8217 ; s non-violent felons where put under house arrest the province would salvage

at least 10.5 million a twelvemonth in health care costs, this does non include the decrease in

the cost of security and the entire figure of captives behind bars.

A primary job in Arizona and most other provinces is prisons

overcrowding. Overcrowding leads to a figure of jobs that presently many

correctional installations are non able to command decently. In over crowded prisons

there is ever the menace of a public violence which could jeopardize the lives of captives as

good as the correctional officers. Though the health care system in today & # 8217 ; s prisons

is acceptable they are unable to command eruptions of socially and sexually

transmitted unwellnesss. Imprisoning captives in their ain places will diminish the

figure of nonviolent felons behind bars, secure more room for violent

felons and can halt the transmittal to societal unwellnesss. In a study by the

Catawba County Department of Corrections, they concluded that electronic house

apprehension is cheaper than intensive supervising. Mention to Postpone 1.1 and 1.2

Cost per Day per Probation/Parolee Status of current Convict

$ 1.38

Regular Probation

$ 1.51

Regular Parole

$ 9.43

Intensive Supervision

$ 6.37

Electronic House Arrest

Table 1.1 ( Catawba County North Carolina ) .

Cost per Day per Prison Inmate Security degree of prison

$ 92.49


$ 62.33


$ 71.52


$ 49.50


$ 58.51


Table 1.2 ( State of North Carolina Department of Corrections ) .

When a felon is put on a house apprehension plan s/he is given a sender

that is worn on there carpus or mortise joint, and a receiving system is placed in the wrongdoer & # 8217 ; s place.

The sender so communicates with the receiving system, which will hold a pre-set

scope in which the wrongdoer must remain, during the times they are to be at place. All

senders are tamper cogent evidence and H2O resistant. The receiving system communicates via

the place telephone line, to a computing machine in the monitoring centre ; all foliages, returns,

fail to returns, tamping bars, and power or phone jobs as they occur are

monitored ( House Arrest Services, inc. ) . These fail-safe devices and sophisticated

security steps guarantee that any effort by the wearer to go forth the current country

would merely take to the immediate presentment of the governments and so the

felon is considered a fleeting. With these picks evidently a felon would

instead remain under house apprehension than effort flight which would decidedly take

to that individual being incarcerated in a more unafraid province or federal penitentiary.

Electronic monitoring and house apprehension is going more platitude. If

more systems were to go available in the hereafter, we may be able to acquire a

command our prison overcrowding job. Detering nonviolent wrongdoers from

piquing once more is besides an of import facet of this system by non leting them to

associate with other captives their rehabilitation can non be corrupted by a more

aberrant condemnable societal grouping that can happen in prisons. With the economic and

societal facets of electronic monitoring in position it is clearly an option to

today & # 8217 ; s high cost and prison overcrowding job.

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