High School and College Essay

Many facets of both high school and college can be tied together. People learn many of the same things they learned in high school during their first twelvemonth or two of college. They are basic general instruction categories. They are similar in such ways that you still have to travel to category. make category work. place work. take trial. and analyze difficult. Depending on the school. instructors can besides give you that one on one aid. Class sizes can besides be similar to high school if you attend a little college. They are both larning experiences that the person helps compose for themselves by their picks and determinations.

There are similarities in the people besides. Even in college coteries and groups develop. merely like in high school. On the other manus. we all know that high school and college are really different. The work in high school is sort of easy. In college. it’s clip to strap down and acquire to work. There’s truly no room for mistake. Attendance is really of import in high school. If you miss a twenty-four hours in category. the instructor would name place. In college. it’s your ain duty. Students end up holding the same friends throughout high school. because they grew up with them in simple and in-between school. Because of this. they earn an image or repute. College is a new beginning. Peoples are non tagged with a anterior societal position or image.

It is an chance to get down new and fitting new people. Some people meet many of their womb-to-tomb friends in college. because they go through so much together. In a manner. they are reassigning to adulthood. with them by their side. High school and college are what pupils makes of it. High school prepares people for college. College is a new chapter in life. and besides a new beginning. In a manner. college is a mature version of high school. To happen the true similarities and differences. people must see both for themselves.

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