Hemil Segmentation: Age: Mainly 18-42 Income Level:

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Q.1. Choose a Global Brand – Any
specific product.

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Brand Name- Canon Inc.

It is a Japanese international
corporation concentrating in the production of imaging and optical products, together
with cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, steppers, computer printers and medical
equipment. It is headquartered in ?ta,
Tokyo, Japan.

Product Specification- Canon EOS Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR)

The digital era
started in 2001 with masterpiece EOS 1D, the first digital camera introduced by
Canon. It was the most innovative camera at that time. This was the revolving
point for Canon to top up all other competitors in the market. Since then, the
innovations have never stopped.



Q.2. Describe the Target Market
for that Product/Brand using the segmentation variables discussed in class.


Demographic Segmentation:
Age: Mainly 18-42
Income Level: Medium-High

Psychographic Segmentation:
Social Class: Middle class, Upper class.
Lifestyle: Professional Photographer/Videographers.

Behavioural Segmentation:
Benefits: Good price-quality proportion.
User Status: Professional user.
Usage Rate: High.

Geographic Segmentation:
Markets: Japan, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia & Africa.

The Canon EOS targets civilized,
well educated, people with positive attitude and a strong purchasing power.



Q.3. Does the TM differ among the
countries they are marketed in? Why/Why not?


Yes, Target Market in all around
the world differs sometimes for some EOS products. As there are certain Canon
EOS series in the market which are basically for social class people.



Q.4. Briefly escribe the 4 P’s of
that Brand – Product | Price | Promotion | Place.


Product- Canon EOS DSLR cameras provide the quality with its EF
lens, CMOS sensors and DIGIC Image Processor. It also provides the best durable
cameras. The style and the easiness of taking and exporting photos are also considered
to be the best feature. This made canon to be at the top of all camera makers.

Price- Canon EOS DLSR camera price starts with $1,299.99 (CAD) with
its EOS Rebel T7i for entry level users, and going up to $7,699.99
(CAD) for its EOS-1D X for professional users.

Place- Canon offers lots of place around the globe from where the
customers can get new products or spare parts. Canon has its regional
headquarters in many cities and towns of Europe, Africa, North America, Middle
East, Asia and Australia.

Promotion- Canon promotes its EOS DSLR cameras via its website,
Mobile applications, YouTube channel and Facebook page. Canon also promotes its
products through EOS Academy, it is a photography workshop designed to teach
and coach participants the basic theory of digital photography, as well as
various techniques to create great looking images using their EOS DSLR cameras.


Q.5. Do any of the 4P’s differ
among the countries they are marketed in? Why/Why not?


Yes, in my opinion the 4P’s differ
among the countries they have marketed. As Canon has provides a cheap product
with a good space of pricing between the individual offered DSLR. For example, In
countries like Africa, large of its population is under the poverty line so Canon
might get some difficulties in selling its professional camera. On the other
hand, in countries like Europe and North America the sale of Canon’s professional
camera is high. Besides that, it has also provided a green product that helps
the customers to protect the environment of the planet.


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