Heald College Dress Code Essay

Heald College in Fresno. California has regulations that alteration and acquire stricter every one-fourth. Dress codification is one of those regulations that are invariably altering at the Fresno’s campuses. Students are required to dress professional Monday through Thursday. and Friday through Saturday is allowed to have on a Heald jersey. denims. and gym shoes. Before the regulations were changed. pupils were allowed to have on a Heald jersey on Thursday’s besides. It would be nice to acquire that Thursday back. alternatively of it altering due to the rates of frock codification being higher on that twenty-four hours than any other yearss.

Students should be allowed to have on a Heald jersey on Thursday once more because we need a twenty-four hours where we could dress comfy. it’s non just to pupils who go to school signifier Mondays through Thursdays can’t have a Heald spirit twenty-four hours. and it’s non just to maintain changing regulations and penalizing those who follow the frock codification. Heald College requires us to have on professional garb because it is to do us more prepared for our calling we are seeking to prosecute. I know at a occupation were non required to have on workout suits or unneeded vesture but we’re at school and it is one topographic point we want to dress comfortably at.

I ever used to look frontward to Thursdays because I knew it was t-shirt twenty-four hours. Students need at least one small interruption from dressing in tight slacks. shirts that are tight around our cervix. and places that hurt our pess! One comfy twenty-four hours at Heald is what pupils need particularly if we have a long hebdomad of larning. Most pupils at Heald are go toing school merely from Mondays through Thursdays. The regulations for frock codification provinces pupils are allowed to have on Heald Spirit merely on Fridays and Saturdays. It is non just that pupils who go to school from Monday to Thursday for 10 hebdomads don’t get a twenty-four hours to have on a Heald jersey to school.

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Before the regulations changed many pupils liked the thought that Thursday was a twenty-four hours that they can loosen up and merely wear insouciant apparels and places that they feel more comfy in. To pupils who have been here before the regulations have changed were really unhappy that Thursday’s spirit twenty-four hours was taken off from them. I asked a Student named Jessica. who’s in her 4th Quarter. “If you could alter the frock codification what would you alter? ” She responded “The Heald Spirit Day on Thursdays should be allowed once more. I merely like the fact that it was non so difficult to pick out an outfit for school on Thursdays. ” It’s merely non just to pupils.

Not all pupils are at campus Friday and Saturday. They should at least do Heald Spirit twenty-four hours on a Thursday where most of the pupils go to school and non yearss where most category suites are empty. There are pupils at Heald who obey the regulations good and there are pupils who don’t. The frock codification at Heald changed at the terminal of January 2013 one-fourth. Students were sent electronic mails saying the frock codification misdemeanors were higher on Thursdays than any other yearss and there will be no more Heald spirit twenty-four hours on Thursdays. All the pupils were punished because other pupils who are supposed to be grownups couldn’t follow a simple frock codification for Thursdays.

It is non just to other pupils who obey the frock codification to acquire punished for other student’s errors. Taking the Heald Spirit twenty-four hours on Thursdays is non all the pupils mistake. Misdemeanors should be given to pupils who are out of frock codification on Heald Spirit twenty-four hours. so they’re the 1s who get in problem non the whole campus. Were grownups and those who obey the frock codification for Heald Spirit should be treated like an grownup and be allowed to have on the t-shirt spirit twenty-four hours overdress on Thursdays once more. All pupils shouldn’t be punished for simple regulations grownups can’t follow.

Students want to acquire treated like grownups non high school or simple school childs. Heald College in Fresno has a rigorous frock codification that Students are supposed to follow. Heald Spirit on Thursdays should be given back to the pupils as a wages for coming to school and holding to acquire an expensive school loan to larn. Students should be allowed to have on a Heald T-shirt on Thursdays because pupils want to travel to school comfy at least one time throughout their hebdomad. Friday and Saturday are yearss Heald is less busy. and It’s non other pupils mistake who obey the frock codification to be punished for other pupils mistakes.