Have Santa Clara in the year 1928.

Have you ever thought about some of the biggest tribes around the world that still are around today? Well one of those is the Pueblo tribe. Puebloans or people from the Pueblo tribe live in places like southern Utah, southern Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico. The Pueblo tribe holds many important traditional information in there history that they still follow today like religion, day to day life, and even remember in honor all those famous leaders in their tribe.The Pueblo tribe had their own religion.  It was different from the other religions.  It was one that was important enough for some to even follow today.  In this one, they worshiped ancestral spirits, who they thought brought clouds and rain to help people that are called kachinas.  They believe that there was more than 300 ancestral spirit. They believed that these spirits once lived among the people and taught the people how to dance. They left because they felt that the pueblos were not paying enough attention to them.  When they needed cloud and rain to grow their crops they would have religious festivals and ceremonies. During the festivals and ceremonies, they would use drums and rattles to dance to while they were wearing mask and chanting. Their religion taught the people how to respect nature because all life is necessary to live. When a boy turned 13 he was invited to an underground room that was used to pray to be told the identity of the ancestral spirits but the girl was not invited she was just told. That is why they are considered to have a different religion.What were the most famous leaders?Some of the most famous leaders in the Pueblo tribe include Pope, Cacique, Mountain Lake, and Santiago Naranjo. Santiago Naranjo was the governor of the pueblo of Santa Clara in the year 1928. Another very important leader was Pope. Pope led an all Indian revolt in the year 1680 against Spanish invaders. This revolt turned out to be very successful. Next was the Cacique or the chief priest. Most people of the pueblo viewed him as the real power behind the throne. Lastly was Ochwaiy Bianco, also known as Mountain Lake, who is the chief of the Taos Pueblo. These are some of the many famous leaders in the Pueblo tribe.In the everyday life of the pueblo it was like other tribes.  In the pueblo tribe the women were in charge of the house well the men were in charge of politics, agriculture, and war  Both the men and women took part in storytelling, artwork, and music. The children would play, or go hunting and fishing with their father. That was usually how they would live there everyday life.Today many people remember this great tribe and even follow their customs. There are many historical things to remember about them like their religion, famous leaders, where they live and what there daily life was like. All in all the Pueblo Tribe is amazing and fun to learn about.Cited Sources: www.warpaths2peacepipes.com/.www.ducksters.com/history/native_americans/pueblo_tribe.php www.bigorrin.org/pueblo_kids.htm.”Introduction.” Bridges to Oneness, 27 Apr. 2009, discovervedanta.wordpress.com/about/.”University of Arizona Libraries |.” University Libraries, www.library.arizona.edu/.