Gothic Cathedral Essay

Gothic architecture was developed from a Christian position. and hence attained its most meaningful look in churches. Clerics began to demand taller churches with more Windowss than had been present in the dark. but hardy Romanesque churches. This desire was derived from new rational and religious constructs that took a more rational position of God. and saw God encompassed many things. such as visible radiation. ground and proportion. The Gothic church displayed a ocular effort to go forth behind the cryptic universe of the Romanesque. and make a scene that was drawn toward visible radiation and pureness that could be an image of Eden.

The in-between category besides had a great influence on the Gothic manner as they desired churches that could reflect their economic power and societal position. The most brilliant features of Gothic manner were the usage of visible radiation and relationship between construction and visual aspect. Other specifying features were that the monolithic thickness of the walls from Romanesque architecture were replaced with membrane-thin models used for enclosure which could back up nil but their ain weight. Ribbed vaults were used to let lighter stuffs to be placed between rock ribs. therefore cut downing weight.

The weight of the walls and roof were no longer supported by columns. but by external flight buttresses. They besides used pointed arches and slender columns to raise the ceiling. which created an overpowering tallness. Wall pictures. which had been common in the Romanesque. were now replaced with beautiful and tremendous stained glass Windowss that allowed more light into the constructions. permeating all with a sense of heat and colour.

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Chartres Cathedral-Interior
Chartres Cathedral–Interior
The cathedral at Chartres was built during the Gothic period. and it showed an ideal of harmoniousness within its construction and contents. Work on the cathedral started in 1194. and was largely completed in 1220. It emphasizes strong perpendicular lines in its construction. The stained glass Windowss that are used in this cathedral. ( it has 176 ) . are recognized as the finest illustration from the Gothic manner. Today. 94 % of the stained glass is original. and it is the largest. most extended aggregation of mediaeval glass in the universe. Rose Windowss were used.

The primary topic of the great roses is the Virgin and the Child. The rose Windowss created integrity and completeness. Indeed. it has a particular relationship to the Virgin Mary in that it portrayed more realistic and humanist qualities of the Virgin Mary. The cathedral reflects the strong influence that God held over the people at that clip. It shows an look of piousness and local individuality to those that were proud to populate in the locality of the cathedral itself. It enhanced civic pride. and was the focal point of the town itself.