GENERAL Motors Canada helps gain, aid and



Motors Canada stands a truly sustainable company. The general Motors Canada
Company is a very sustainable company in a variety of ways, mainly known in
three categories as economic, social, and environmental sustainability. General
Motors Canada is as mentioned, sustainable in each of these and is striving to
be greater as well.

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Motors Canada is a truly environmentally sustainable company as General Motors
Canada helps gain, aid and discovers new and eco-friendly technology. The
Remarkable of these, are as mentioned and shown. General Motors Canada is
reusing energy in a global effort, with 20% of their total usage being
renewable resources, one of which being wind. General Motors Canada strives to
completely be renewable with their energy as soon as the year 2050 on a global
level, and with General Motors Canada being a massive organization, they will
be an example, also a leader for the other organizations and companies.


sustainability is not problematic for General Motors Canada, a consequence of the
outstanding sales and quality of their vehicles. The sales of the General
Motors Canada Company are what make the motor company sustainable, with net
revenue of 166 billion dollars and a net income of over 9 billion dollars.
General Motors Canada’s sales growth has been increasing each year, with a
growth of 1.5 percent regarding sales in 2016 and another 1.5% increase in
January of 2017. The General Motors Company still has leading sales even
against other economically outstanding and astonishing motors organizations.


communities including the General Motors Company within it would admit to the
superior social sustainability. The company not only pledges to have fair and
equal wages for all the employees but to also supply schools with the Science,
technology, engineering, and Math program known as (S.T.E.M) to produce more
adept workers. General Motors Canada funds organizations that improve the
quality of the life within the communities thereby creating better working and
living situations.


The General
Motors Company of Canada is a truly sustainable organization which creates
greater technology to improve the condition of the world, has an astonishing
growing income, helps educate and supports charities around the world. All of
which presents General Motors Canada as both a sustainable company and an
example to other ones.