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From these examples my innovation the MSL would be able to eliminate all of these and make it more convenient to clean up leafs. The MSL purpose is to make every fall easier to deal with and give people more time back in their day to do the things they want to do. Not only that but it would be able to help other lawn care services to make it easier to perform their job without having to deal with the leafs that can get in the way.  Our Product has 4 Objectives Have our product sold internationallyHave a few headquarters in the major cities and a few more across the united states that would help make distribution not take so long. Sell a quality product to customers that is easy to set up and require little hassle, with a reasonable priced items. Create a Website for which customers can give us feedback on our product, learn more about our product, and learn about how we plan to give back to the community with volunteer help. II. Proposed Business/Product/Service A.             The MSL is a revolutionary product in which it will rethink the landscaping industry. The MSL is a product that will allow for the user to spray their trees in the Spring time when all the leafs are present and in the fall use a magnetic hexagon type ball to collect all the leafs with a switch of a button. Normally one would have to use a given tool or a combination of tools and not to mention the extra time you waste to do this job is something that is unnecessary for people to deal with in my opinion  of course. Anyway my product works with organic based substance coded with a layer of iron and gadolinium, that will be embedded into the leaves, thanks to the organic bases substance you can spray all the leafs you want and it wouldn’t have negative effects on the grass,leafs and the most important of course is any human or animal that may come in contact with the spray.  Second part of the product is  hexagon type ball that essential is a big magnet that would operate with a switch of a button that when turned on would be able to collect all the leafs in a 8 foot radius. The hexagon would work with the idea that Magnets attract to certain materials hence the the spray coded with a neutral charge, and the hexagon when turned on would exert an attractive between the leafs and the hexagon.  This process is called a Mechanical to mechanical which works on attraction and repulsion to operate. III. Market of Product  The Market for this product is limited to the sky itself because there are currently no other product like this the landscaping game. On Average a typical homeowner takes about 1-2 hours to rake the leafs, of course it all depends on the amount of trees. Normally a homeowner will have to start cleaning up the leafs in designated area otherwise they will have to face the consequences. Which could consists of grass dying, encourage fungal disease, make yard more susceptible to increase mole/vol migration, and clog drains, which could later lead to possible flooding,and will cause further expense and time wasted on something you could have avoided. The target audience will primarily focus on homeowners, because they are the ones who will benefit from this the most, second would be the landscaping business, so that they can decrease their time at each house needing cleanup on leafs and will increase the amount of people they can service, thus improving their overall performance.  Almost everyone in this field will be excited about this new product and will want to get their hands on it. The product will be allow for owners to be able to use it without any hassle, nor and previous knowledge in magnetics. IV. Unique Value PropositionHow is my product different from anything that is in its field of products, is that it’s one of a kind, something that is so unique thats is outside the box of thinking and will provide a world revolutionary product that will change the way we landscape. It will give back the time, and in the business world time is very important, something that should not be wasted. The MSL package would only cost make it costs 20 dollars since we would be using Alnico, which is a ferromagnetic with a high coercivity and used for making permanent magnets. The can of spray itself will cost 15 dollars since it contains a natural base of organic liquid embed with a neutral layer of ions.   We plan to sell the product at a price of $75 dollars, which contains the the hexagon and one can of the spray. Otherwise we will be selling packs of 3 spray cans that have 17.5 OZ of fluids for around 35 dollars or a single can for $17.96. This will allow for continue growth in the selling of cans, not only that but a later goal is having a bigger or a smaller hexagon that will be able to provide the same service, depending on the range needed by the customer. V. SolutionThere are many solutions to this problem, but I believe these aren’t worth the hassle they come with. I think this product has 3 top features that are what makes it so unique. Number 1 it’s totally safe to for the environment, human skin contact and all living creatures. Number 2 it’s the first use of magnets and the force of attraction in a the landscape business. The third is that it helps reduce backaches, muscle cramps, and cut the duration of cleaning leafs by nearly 80%, since it only needs ten minutes to set up and activate. People will realize that this is the solution to their problems. They will want to follow the new trend in the now ever growing world we live in today. There are current fixes but with this product, we can be on the frontier this new profound product and seize this opportunity to make everyone that uses the MSL one of the lucky ones to experience tomorrow’s future today!VI. Conclusion . The dream everyone has is simple, but a person must have a passion for their dream to succeed. Then from there a drive can come forth and make a person’s dream come true.  With this being said my idea of a simpler life in cleaning leafs. This method can be used in both individual use as well as a business use. Although it easy for some to think that using the common tools today is easy to use, but the fact is that it’s not all about how easy raking is, but rather how much time one needs to accomplish this job. With the MSL it will be able to give you back this time and will keeping it easy for one to use. Most people can agree that in present day, everyone is mainly concerned with doing everything fast,not because it’s always better to do things fast but we have learned more about the value of time. Continuing that trend MSL will do just that and more.