For turned itself into multinational conglomerate company

For this
Graduate Capstone Project, I chose to do the research of a company instead of
the business plan. And the company I chose to do the research over the project
is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, home appliances, digital
media and telecommunication infrastructure system named ‘Samsung’. With the
success of its electronic business, Samsung has been recognized globally as an
industry leader in technology and now it is ranked as a top 10 global brand all
over the world. Samsung is ranked number 15 on global list of Fortune 500
companies. Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon was officially appointed Chief Executive Officer of
Samsung Electronics Co. by the company’s Board Directors on June 8, 2012. Tim
Baxter, a President and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America, is
responsible for the continued growth and success of Samsung’s $30 billion+
consumer and enterprise businesses across Samsung Electronics America and
Samsung Electronics Canada. As a Deputy Head of Samsung Electronics North
America, Young Hoon Eom is responsible for driving growth in the region and
ensuring that Samsung Electronics’ innovations continue to shape and lead North
American markets.

As a student of
information technology, I’m always interested to learn more about the companies
that are involved or related with technology. First of all, I’m more familiar
with and more in love with Samsung devices than any other companies. Secondly, I’m
really interested in learning about the vast number and range of technological
products starting from phones, tablets, and computers to TV, washing machines plus
also chips, LED and LCD panels, lithium-ion batteries, flash memory, fiber
optic devices etc. Lee Byung-chul was the founder of Samsung in 1938,
and it was created as a trading
company. The group diversified into areas including textiles, food
processing, insurance, securities and retail over the next three decades.
Another reason I chose Samsung over other companies is because now Samsung is
not just a technology company, it has turned itself into multinational
conglomerate company similar to Berkshire Hathaway but not that level, not yet.

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Another reason
that I chose ‘Samsung’ over other companies is because of its information
availability. It has amazingly crafted and useful products in any aspect of the
life. It’s so wide that it has a ship building platform, it’s own entertainment
Park in Korea, hospital, has had cars, military products etc. Samsung business
strategy is marked with a high level of flexibility in a way that the company
is determined in changing its strategy dramatically according to changes in
external business environment. Samsung is better than anybody else at learning
from its competitors. For this project, I wanted to learn more about the
financial situation and the marketing mix with internal and external strategy