Follicular Phase Acupuncture On Amh Hormone Biology Essay

to find the consequence of follicular stage stylostixis on anti-mullerian endocrine degrees in PCOS adult females undergoing IVF/ intracytoplasmic sperm injection ( ICSI ) and the consequence of that on the result.

Materials and method: randomized, prospective, controlled clinical survey was carried out. A sum of 81 PCOS adult females undergoing IVF/ICSI were invited to take part. The enrolled adult females underwent follicular stage stylostixis together with medical therapy, the control group was comprised of PCOS adult females who underwent IVF/ICSI without stylostixis intervention.Follicular fluid and blood samples were collected from both groups at twenty-four hours of oocyte retrieval for AMH measuring utilizing ELISA kit.

Consequences: A sum of 81 PCOS adult females aged 20-40 old ages were enrolled in this survey. The consequences of this survey demo no important function of stylostixis on serum and follicular fluid AMH degrees as the P values 0.451, 0.607 severally. But it show that stylostixis had a important consequence on figure of oocyte retrieved as P 0.040 and had a positive consequence on nidation rate ( 15.14 % , 9.37 % severally ) . Clinical gestation rate ( 30.3 % , 18.8 % severally ) and on-going gestation rate ( 30.3 % , 16.7 % severally ) and cut downing the most common complication of PCOS patients underwent ART which is OHSS ( 36.4 % , 47.9 % severally ) comparing group exposed to acupuncture and group non exposed to acupuncture ( control ) .

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Decisions: The consequence of this survey support the significance of follicular stage stylostixis for the result of IVF/ICSI for PCOS patients and diminish complications lead to an addition the figure of embryo transferred patients. But it had no function on AMH endocrine concentrations in the serum and follicular fluid. Further randomized controlled tests are needed to further measure the function of TCM on AMH concentrations as a portion of intervention direction for increasing the figure of healthy gestations among PCOS adult females who undergo IVF/ICSI.

Keywords: PCOS, Acupuncture, AMH, IVF or ICSI, sterility.


Polycystic ovary syndrome ( PCOS ) is heterogenous aggregation of mark and symptoms that gathered together organize a spectrum of a upset with a mild presentation in some, while in others a sever perturbation of generative, endocrinal and metabolic map. The pathophysiology of PCOS appears to be multifactorial and polygenic. Features include catamenial rhythm perturbation, hyperandrogenism and fleshiness. The morphology of polycystic ovary, has been redefined as an ovary with 12 or more follicles mensurating 2-9mm in diameter and increased ovarian volume ( & A ; gt ; 10cm3 ) ( 2 ) on trans vaginal ultrasound. . It has been suggested that the upset occurs in 4 % to 7 % of adult females of generative age ( 3 ) ( 4 ) Family surveies have revealed that approximately 50 % of 1st grade relations have PCOS proposing a dominant manner of heritage ( 1 )

Although PCOS patients are typically characterized by bring forthing an increased figure of oocytes, they are frequently of hapless quality, taking to lower fertilisation, cleavage and nidation rates, and a higher abortion rate ( 8 ) ( 9 ) ( 10 ) ( 11 ) ( 12 ) ( 13 ) .

Therefore a better apprehension of how PCOS is related to abnormalcies in extra- and intra-ovarian factor and their impact on granulosa cell ( GC ) – oocyte interactions.

Anti-mullerian endocrine ( AMH ) besides known as mullerian-inhibiting substance ( MIS ) is a member of transforming growing factor -? ( TGF-? ) household. In work forces, AMH is produced by sertoli cells of foetal testicle and it causes arrested development of the mullerian canals, which is a demand for normal male generative piece of land development ( 57 ) .

AMH cistron is located on the short arm of chromosome 19 ( 58 ) . AMH was produced from 36 hebdomads of gestation in human GCs ( 59 ) and was expressed until climacteric.

The highest degree of AMH look is seen in the granulosa cells of secondary, pre antral, and little antral follicles no more than 4mm in diameter and disappears as follicles develop to the larger antral phase ( 4-8mm ) in diameter. AMH protein is undetectable in granulosa cells from big antral or pre ovular follicles ( 64 )

AMH Concentration is supra physiological in those with extra little antral follicles, classically in the patient with PCOS ( 73 ) . The chief physiological function of AMH in the ovary seems to be limited to the suppression of the early phases of follicular development ( 80 ) ( 81 ) .The pathogenesis of PCOS remains mostly unknown although resent surveies have suggested that AMH may hold a function to play in the ovarian follicular position in PCOS ( 83 ) ( 84 ) .Also in an ovulatory adult females with PCOS, granulosa cell map is unnatural ( 14 ) and this abnormalcy may act upon oocyte or embryo quality ( 14 ) ( 85 ) , PCOS adult females are known to hold inordinate sum of little antral follicles in the ovaries and at the same clip increased serum AMH degree ( 83 ) ( 84 ) .

IVF-embryo transportation ( IVF-ET ) is an effectual intervention for assorted causes of sterility. In 2000, approximately 200,000 babes were conceived throughout IVF worldwide ( 114 ) ( 115 ) . Acupuncture is a popular intervention pick for sterility ( 117 ) and it has been used during IVF intervention. Acupuncture is an ancient traditional Chinese intervention with an empirical footing, arising 2500 old ages ago. It is one of the most broad dispersed signifier of complementary and alternate medical specialty ( CAM ) in the USA and Europe ( 118 ) ( 119 ) . The general theory of stylostixis is based on the premiss that breaks of natural balanced energy flow ( Qi ) are responsible for disease pathogenesis.

More recent randomized controlled surveies evaluated the consequence of stylostixis on generative out come in patients treated with IVF/intra cytoplasmatic sperm injection ( ICSI ) ( 123 ) ( 124 ) .

Some of the surveies show that stylostixis improves clinical gestation rates ( 135 ) ( 136 ) , nidation rate and on-going gestation rate ( 136 ) .

The purpose of this survey was to look into the consequence of follicular stage stylostixis on AMH endocrine in PCOS adult females undergoing IVF/ICSI and the consequence of that on aided reproduction result.

Materials and methods:


A sum of 81 sterile PCOS, 20-40 old ages of age: were prospectively recruited for this survey between March 2011 and January 2012. The diagnosing of PCOS was made when at least two out of three of the undermentioned standards existed, as proposed at the Rotterdam Consensus Meeting 1-oligomenorrhoea or amenorrhoea 2- hyperandrogenism3- Polycystic ovaries ( Rotterdam ESHRE/ASRM-Sponsored PCOS Consensus Workshop Group, 2004 ) .

The inclusion standards included: merely PCOS patients with patent at least one fallopian tubing, normal uterine pit evaluated by hysterosalpingography, and spouses with normal seeds parametric quantities. The semen quality was assessed utilizing the World Health Organization guidelines WHO, 1999 ( 137 ) .

The exclusion standards: it is of import to except other upsets with a similar clinical presentation such as inborn adrenal hyperplasia, Cushing ‘s syndrome and androgen-secreting tumours, thyroid disfunction and hyperprolactinaemia.

Protocol for ovarian stimulation

All patients were down regulated harmonizing to long protocol adopted in sterility section. They received a standard gonadotrophin-releasing endocrine ( GnRH ) agonist regimen on twenty-four hours 21 of the predating catamenial rhythm until the twenty-four hours of HCG injection. Pituitary and ovarian suppression is confirmed by a plasma FSH, LH degrees should be less than 5mIU/ml and plasma estradiol degree should be less than 50pg/ml and/or an endometrial thickness of less than 5 millimeter on vaginal ultrasound scan. Trans-vaginal ultrasound was performed on the 2nd twenty-four hours of the rhythm to number the figure of antral follicles as a base line measuring. Then ovarian stimulation was performed with recombinant FSH ( rFSH ) Gonalf 75IU ( 5.5µg ) or Serono 75IU ( Follitropin alpha recombinant ) was initiated on the 3rd twenty-four hours of subsequent backdown hemorrhage and at that clip the dosage determined harmonizing to age. Ovulation was triggered with a individual dosage of HCG ( 10,000 IU ) intra muscularly when at least three follicles had a diameter of more than or equal to 18mm and the endometrial thickness is more than 8 millimeter with an equal serum E2 concentration. Oocyte retrieval was performed 36 H subsequently under trans-vaginal ultrasound counsel and vaginal sedation. Oocyte was examined for pro nuclei ( PN ) score 16-18 h. Following oocyte retrieval, the oocytes are inseminated, fertilisation checked for 24h subsequently and the embryo farther cultured for another 24 or 48h. The embryos were transferred on twenty-four hours 3 after oocyte retrieval.

The embryos were judged to be the ?best? are transferred to the patient?s womb, utilizing an Edwards Wallace ‘s catheter ( depending on old measuring of uterine pit by touch technique ) otherwise all fresh embryos were cryopreserved if patient had developed symptoms suggestive of OHSS.

All patients received luteal-phase support Lipo-Lutin ( 60 milligram ) orally day-to-day get downing from the twenty-four hours of oocyte retrieval.

Biochemical gestation was established when serum ?-HCG concentration was found & amp ; gt ; 2mIU/ml on twenty-four hours 14 after ET. Clinical gestation was defined as the presence of at least one gestational pouch with foetal bosom round on vaginal extremist sound performed at 4-6 hebdomads after ET. The nidation rate was calculated as the figure of gestational sacs/number of embryos transferred -100.

Acupuncture intervention

All patients should inform about sites of stylostixis and clip of seting acerate leafs. Acupuncture was performed in the follicular stage of the rhythm, get downing from twenty-four hours three of the rhythm, together with IVF/ICSI protocol, and continues every twenty-four hours till twenty-four hours of giving HCG which is the last twenty-four hours of making stylostixis.

Acupuncture was performed after iodine rub of the tegument at the specific points. It applied for 30-40 min by utilizing 4cm long disposable chromium steel steel hair-thin acerate leafs manufactured by Suzhou medical contraption mill, China. The acerate leafs were inserted into the tegument to a deepness of 15-30mm, depending on the part of the organic structure. Needle reaction ( tenderness, numbness, feeling of weightiness, dilatation around the puncture site or some clip propagate along the corresponding acmes which termed the DiQi esthesis ) was elicited during initial interpolation. Some patients feel minimum hurting as the acerate leaf is inserted. Every 10 min, the acerate leafs were stimulated manually by revolving, raising and thrusting the grip of the acerate leaf in order to keep DeQi esthesis. The needle were retained in place for 30-40 min and so removed. The undermentioned stylostixis points used in this survey: Tai chonga¤?e?? ( a¤?a†? ) ( LIV 3 ) , san yin jiao ( a?‰ & A ; deg ; a?¤ ) ( SP 6 ) , diji ( & A ; deg ; ??? ) ( SP 8 ) , zu san Li ( e¶?a?‰e‡? ) ( ST 36 ) , xue hai ( e?ˆ?µ· ) ( SP 10 ) , gui lai ?­?a?† ( a?’??? ) ( ST 29 ) , hegu ( a?? & A ; deg ; ) ( LI 4 ) , guan kwai ( -a…? ) ( Ren 04 ) .

Follicular fluid and serum aggregation

To obtain the exact follicular-fluid AMH concentration, merely the follicular fluid from the first retrieved follicle of bilateral ovaries was collected. It is of import to avoid taint of follicular fluid with blood or civilization medium or assorted follicular fluid during oocyte retrieval. Any sample contaminated with blood or with civilization medium should be discarded.

The mean AMH concentration of two samples ( one from right ovary and one from left ovary ) were used from each patient. A sum of 162 follicular fluid samples ( one from each ovary ) that collected from 81 patients were analyzed and the mean value of AMH concentration was used. The follicular fluid was collected from follicle & A ; gt ; 18 millimeter, clear follicular fluid, non contaminated with blood or civilization medium, so all samples processed by centrifugation at 1000g for 20 min at 4C ( harmonizing to direction notice of ELISA kit company ) and instantly frozen at -80C for biochemical and hormonal analysis. Time elapsed between follicular fluid aggregation and cryopreservation is between 30 min-1h.

On the same twenty-four hours of oocyte retrieval, blood samples were obtained by venipuncture from all patients in the forenoon prior to oocyte retrieval and the aggregation clip between 9:00am-11:00am so the samples processed within ?h-1h after backdown ( centrifugation at 1000g for 20 min. at 4C so serum should be stored instantly at -80C harmonizing to direction notice of ELISA Kit Company ) .Analysis of both follicular and serum AMH concentration should be within a period of less than two months, otherwise loss of samples bioavailability and give false consequences.

Serum and follicular AMH concentration were determined utilizing AMH ELISA kit ( Uscn Company, Wuhan /China ) . The minimal noticeable dosage of human AMH is typically less than 0.058ng/ml with intra-assay: CV & A ; lt ; 10 % and inter-assay: CV & A ; lt ; 12 % .the consequences were expressed as ng/ml.

Statistical Analysis

Data analysis was performed by utilizing Statistical Package for Social Sciences ( SPSS, version 19 ) .We used the pupil t-test and Chi-square trial to measure for differences in independent variables at baseline between intercession and control groups. The informations are shown as mean and standard divergence. A P-value less than 0.05 were considered statistically important.


A sum of 81 PCOS eligible patients were entered into the survey among all sterility patients. All patients were randomized: 33 patients standard acupuncture harmonizing to the rule of traditional Chinese medical specialty ( group 1 ) , and 48 patients with no stylostixis ( group 2 ) . No statistical important sing age, BMI, continuance of sterility, GnRH ampules, FSH phials and ovarian stimulation continuance ( Ds ) . ( Data non mentioned ) .

Table one shows statistical difference among the figure of oocyte retrieved, MII oocyte, II PN as P values ( 0.040, 0.004, 0.009 severally ) . Besides show statistical difference among serum E2 ( pg/ml ) , serum P ( ng/ml ) on dOPU as P values ( 0.01, 0.02 severally ) .and besides serum P ( ng/ml ) on HCG twenty-four hours.

Table 1: Features of ovarian response in adult females with PCOS ( interventional and non-interventional groups )



Non interventional


2-tailed P- value

& A ; gt ; 14mm follicle

15.33 ± 7.84

16.89 ± 6.14


Oocytes retrieved

23.72 ± 12.34

29.52 ± 12.23


M II oocyte

18.39 ± 9.65

25.18 ± 10.50



12.72 ± 6.84

17.20 ± 7.74


Serum Estradiol ( pg/ml ) on HCG twenty-four hours


9990.46 ± 2943


Serum Estradiol on dOPU.


7352.33 ± 3681


Serum Progesterone ( ng/ml ) on HCG twenty-four hours

1.15 ± 0.33

1.51 ± 0.66


Serum Progesterone on dOPU

12.02 ± 8.39

16.89 ± 10.49


Serum AMH ( ng/ml )




Follicular fluid AMH ( ng/ml )

7.54 ± 2.40

7.82 ± 2.32


Endometrial thickness ( millimeter )

10.48 ± 1.98

10.10 ± 2.29


There is no statistical significance sing serum and follicular fluid AMH ( ng/ml ) between two groups as the P values ( 0.451, 0.607 severally ) .

Table two shows the result of IVF/ICSI in both groups. The figure of ET, nidation rate, clinical gestation rate and on-going gestation rate which were higher in interventional group than non-interventional although, it is statistically non important due to little sample size.

Table2: Result of Assisted Reproductive Technique



Non interventional


2-tailed P- value

Embryo transportation

( 19/33 ) 57.6 %

( 22/48 ) 45.8 %


Implantation rate

15.14 %

9.37 %


Biochemical gestation rate

( 12/33 ) 36.4 %

( 13/48 ) 27.1 %


Clinical gestation rate

( 10/33 ) 30.3 %

( 9/48 ) 18.8 %


Ongoing gestation rate

( 10/33 ) 30.3 %

( 8/48 ) 16.7 %


Table three shows the complications of ART, the most common one occurs in PCOS patients underwent ovarian stimulation was OHSS which is lower in interventional than non-interventional group ( 36.4 % , 47.9 % severally ) .

Table3: Complications of Assisted Reproductive Technique ( ART )



Non interventional


2-tailed P- value


( 12/33 ) 36.4 %

( 23/48 ) 47.9 %


Thin endometrium

( 1/33 ) 3.0 %

( 2/48 ) 4.2 %


High Lipo-Lutin degree

( 0/33 ) 0 %

( 1/48 ) 2.1 %


No fertilisation

( 1/33 ) 3.0 %

( 0/48 ) 0 %


Ectopic gestation and abortion

( 0/19 ) 0 %

( 2/22 ) 9.1 %



Many adult females with PCOS require drawn-out intervention. Treatment schemes such as stylostixis demand to be evaluated in PCOS. Acupuncture, a intervention that dates back 2500 old ages, is an built-in portion of traditional Chinese medical specialty. The physiological mechanism and clinical significance of stylostixis have non been wholly revealed and has been the topic of contention. Recent survey shows that intramuscular needle interpolation causes a peculiar form of afferent activity in peripheral nerve.Acupuncture affect the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal ( HPA ) axis by diminishing cortisol concentrations ( 141 ) and the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal ( HPG ) axis by modulating cardinal and peripheral B-endorphin production and secernment, thereby act uponing the release of hypothalamic GnRH and pituitary secernment of gonado-trophin ( 142 ) ( 143 ) ( 144 ) .On the other manus, the positive consequence of stylostixis during IVF intervention may be related to the alterations in uterine blood flow and uterine contractility and relaxation of emphasis ( 129 ) stylostixis affects PCOS symptoms via transition of endogenous regulative systems, including the sympathetic nervous system, the hormone system and the neuroendocrine system. The alterations are most likely mediated via the endogenous opioid system ( 145 ) . The consequence of this comparative survey demonstrated that traditional Chinese medical specialty may be effectual in heightening birthrate of PCOS adult females undergoing ART and lessening complication.

The BMI for analyzing and command group 23.06±SD, 22.49±SD severally ( informations non mentioned ) i.e. this values were low for PCOS patients as it should be more than 25 kg/m2, this belong to racial group ( Asiatic population ) as the survey was done in China. Besides some instances involved in this survey decided to make IVF but after oocyte retrieval it changed to ICSI because of hapless fertilisation in malice of normal seeds count.

In interventional group, values of serum AMH endocrine concentration taken as mean± SD was 3.50±1.47 and for non-interventional group was 3.77±1.58 with P ( 0.451 ) .And for follicular AMH endocrine concentrations were 7.54±2.40 and 7.82±2.32 severally with P ( 0.607 ) .

This survey shows that there is no consequence of stylostixis on AMH endocrine degrees both in serum and follicular fluid as there is no significance difference in AMH concentration between analyzing and control group.

The granulosa cells of little antral follicles secrete AMH into both follicular fluid and the circulation. Sing serum AMH degrees, it ‘s shown than the AMH concentrations lower than that for follicular fluid, This may be due to that serum AMH concentration declined increasingly during ovarian stimulation when utilizing GnRH agonist protocol every bit same as some surveies published before ( La Marca et al. , 2004a, Fanchin R et al. , 2003a ) this decrease of AMH degrees could be due to a negative direct or indirect consequence of FSH on ovarian AMH secernment or may be due to that the go arounding AMH concentrations reflect the turning follicular pool on twenty-four hours of oocyte retrieval and are less effectual to know apart per-follicle AMH production chiefly if blood samples collected during follicular stage or may be due to that AMH has a paracrine consequence on the procedure of oocyte development in adult females with PCOS undergoing IVF or ICSI this may explicate why follicular fluid AMH concentrations were higher than serum concentrations. As in this survey there is no important difference in AMH concentrations between interventional and non-interventional group but it ‘s shown that the group exposed to stylostixis has high Implantation rate and clinical gestation rate than patients non exposed to acupuncture as in one of the surveies published before ( Stefan Dieterle, et al. , 2006 ) although its statistically non important, may be due to little sample size.

The figure of oocytes retrieved in interventional group is 23.72±12.34 while in control group 29.52±12.23 with p value 0.04. That means that there is statistical significance as the P value & A ; lt ; 0.05.Also sing MII oocyte and IIPN, the values are statistically lower in experimental group than control group with P values 0.004, 0.009 severally. This may explicate the positive consequence of stylostixis for PCOS adult females undergoing IVF as the figure of oocytes retrieved was less in experimental group than in control group hence, decrease complication of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. The consequence of stylostixis in cut downing the figure of oocytes retrieved unknown but may be due to that stylostixis has an consequence on ovaries by modifying the PCOS pathogenesis or modulate the hormonal consequence on PCOS ovaries, such consequence need further survey. Acupuncture has been shown to impact endocrine degrees every bit same as one survey ( Stener-Victorin E et al. , 2010 ) by advancing the release of B-endorphin in the encephalon, which affect the release of gonadotrophin let go ofing endocrine by the hypothalamus, follicle exciting endocrine from the pituitary secretory organ and estrogen and Lipo-Lutin degrees from the ovary ( 130 ) .

Embryo transportation in group exposed to acupuncture 57.6 % higher than that of control group 45.8 % , although it ‘s statistically non important because of little sample size. Implantation rate and clinical gestation rate both were affected by stylostixis ; Implantation rate in survey group is higher than control group as it was 15.14 % , 9.37 % severally besides it?s statistically non important ( p 0.283 ) .Clinical gestation rate in survey group was besides higher about 30.3 % comparing with 18.8 % in control group ; as in ( Zheng CH. et al. , 2012 ) .

Besides ongoing gestation rate is higher in group exposed to acupuncture 30.3 % , 16.7 % severally in group 1 and 2. This can be explained by the consequence of stylostixis in increasing blood flow to the generative variety meats, addition blood flow to the womb ( 126 ) , bettering the thickness of endometrial liner and increasing the opportunity of embryo nidation. OHSS refers to an overdone ovarian response to gonadotrophin intervention. The specific hazard factors include: immature age, low BMI, marks of PCOS and high estradiol on the twenty-four hours of HCG ( 149 ) .percentage of OHSS is higher in control group as its 47.9 % compared with 36.4 % in analyzing group. This may explicate the function of stylostixis in cut downing the complication of hyper stimulation protocol that delay nidation of embryo chiefly OHSS. Associating to AMH endocrine concentration which was higher in both groups, it seems that hyper response and OHSS may be associated with significantly higher average basal AMH degrees ( 92 ) ( 150 ) ( 152 ) .


The consequence of this survey support the significance of follicular stage stylostixis for the result of IVF/ICSI for PCOS patients by increase nidation rate, clinical gestation rate and on-going gestation rate, at the same clip, it decrease the figure of oocyte retrieved taking to low per centum of ovarian hyper response and OHSS lead to an addition the figure of embryo transferred patients but it shows no function on AMH endocrine concentrations in the serum and follicular fluid. Further randomized controlled tests are needed to further measure the function of TCM on AMH concentrations as a portion of intervention direction for increasing the figure of healthy gestations among PCOS adult females who undergo IVF/ICSI.

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