Feminism everyday feminist have not been met,

Feminism has not changed today, but its focus has changed. Many women today have good education and employment opportunities just like men, as the early claimed feminist would have fought for them. After getting all these equal opportunities, some men are now discriminating them and even abusing them in order to undermine their hard work and dedication to their passions. Men are doing all they can to undermine the success women have been able to acquire. Today’s feminism movement is struggling to protect women and girls from domestic violence, sexual harassment, and rape as well as discrimination among it all.  Today, the feminist movement has expanded and is still growing as women around the world have joined together in the fight against inequality. The feminist movement has come a long way, and it is continuing to grow as many women join the movement. Even though many of the demands of the everyday feminist have not been met, a lot has been achieved, and the fight is still on. Over time, feminism has gained a negative label in society. Society, especially men, view feminism as women’s fight for superiority over men.   There is a lot of misinterpretation, ignorance and obliviousness on the feminism cause, but the world changes every day, as more and more individuals sign onto the movement. Feminism has changed the world and made women happier, more confident, and more supportive of one another; therefore, it should not be viewed negatively in the society. The feminism struggle today has changed into the fight to protect women against violence. As long as men are still discriminatory against women, feminism will still be needed until these men respect women and stop abusing them. Feminism is not about female superiority as many assume, and today, most men claim that women want to be superior to men, especially after the fight stretched to fighting against discrimination and equal chances in employment for women.  Women have made a critical improvement to the circumstances in their lives through feminism. Primarily, men used to run everything as they considered themselves superior to women, but through feminism movements, women have been able to acquire equal rights to men, and are still striving to acquire more rights that men take for granted. Feminism is a concept that has helped women to acquire equal rights in the society. In addition, feminism is gaining equal opportunities and rights for both men and women. Feminism had a huge impact on the lives and roles of women in the society. Many women got sick of the strict home life that had been implicated on them by men. Women wanted equality between men and women in addition to equal opportunities in education, and employment opportunities. Feminism has played a great role on the everyday role of women in the society.   In conclusion, Feminism should be seen in a positive and not negative way. Women should be empowered, just like men. Today, feminist movements are still in force and continue fighting for the rights of women. Feminists in the past have achieved women more rights and equality, therefore, feminism is a necessary value for today’s women and the fight is still on.