Executive small businesses since 1892. In Hartland,

Executive SummaryIntroductionDescription of the Business or OrganizationPink Mocha Cafe all began in 2003 with Heidi Nugent’s love of cooking, coffee, and community. Starting with a small cafe off of East Capitol Dr. in Hartland, WI, Nugent perfected her recipes and built a small but loyal customer base. Due to local construction endeavors by the town, Nugent was forced to relocate and start over in 2015. Today, Pink Mocha Cafe is located on Merton Ave. in Hartland, WI directly off of a major highway. The small cafe has flourished in recent years.    Pink Mocha Cafe offers a variety of breakfast and lunch menu items including coffee-based beverages, assorted bakery, egg-based items, sandwiches, and unique twists on homemade breakfast items such as crab cakes benedict. The cafe is open weekdays from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm and weekends from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. Nugent is always willing to lend her space with open arms after hours to the community for small gatherings such as youth groups, school clubs, and women’s book club.     Inside the cozy cafe, customers are greeted with many delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen. The cherry pink walls and eclectic decor make Pink Mocha Cafe a place like no other. After walking in the door, customers immediately feel a sense of community. Nugent states her policy is “to always make it right with the customer.” Customers have the option of joining the drink loyalty program, which allows for the 5th drink to be free. Currently, there are 12 employees who work part-time. Most of the employees are local high school students. During the summer season, Nugent employees college students home for the summer. Due to the young age of the staff, a revolving door of workers has been created. However, without a manager to assist her in these endeavors, Nugent spends a significant amount of time training new employees. Because of this, it has become increasingly difficult to select and train staff that will maintain her desired customer experience. There isn’t an implemented management strategy related to the customer experience.Description of the CommunityEconomic: Pink Mocha Cafe is nestled inside of the business center of Hartland in Waukesha County, WI. Downtown Hartland has been growing with small businesses since 1892. In Hartland, the unemployment rate is 6.9%, which is below the national average of 7.9%. The median worker income is $66,721 as of 2015. 24.1% of employed people work a sales or office occupation, and 17.0% have management, business, and financial occupations.Geographic: The Village of Hartland is located in the Lake Country area of Waukesha County. The town is surrounded by a multitude of lakes formed from glacial movements. There are four distinct seasons that provide Hartland with a broad range of weather conditions. During the winter months, the temperature ranges from 8 to 26 ?. The temperature varies from 61 to 84 ? during the summer months.The annual precipitation is 34.6 inches. Demographic: Hartland is home to 9,333 inhabitants, with over 2,440 families. Hartland is primarily white (87.5%), 3.6% African American, 1.1% Native American, 2.8% Asian, and 5.0% Hispanic/Latino. The average household size was 2.55, with an average family size of 3.12. The gender makeup of the village includes 52.3% female and 47.7% male. Socioeconomic:Over 91% of the population over 25 has successfully completed high school, while 28% of the population has completed their bachelor’s degree or higher. The median income $54,610. Around 11% of the population is considered to be below the poverty line. Overview of the business or organization’s current customer experiencePink Mocha Cafe is known throughout the community as a warm, inviting place to eat and enjoy the company of others. Typically, the cafe is filled with young to middle aged Lake Country moms as well as local high school students. Currently, the cafe uses a drink loyalty program which allows for the 5th drink ordered to be free. The system uses a plastic card that is punched with each drink purchase to keep track of the loyalty system. Upon entering the cafe, customers place their order at the counter and then find their seat. Food is then brought to the table once prepared. Employees clear the tables after customers finish their meals.  If a customer chooses to only order a drink, the drink is prepared and left on the counter for the customer to pick up.     Research Methods Used in the StudyDescription and Rationale of Research Methodologies Selected to Conduct the Research StudyIn order to observe Pink Mocha Cafe’s current customer experience management strategies, a research study that compiled multiple research tactics was utilized. Data was collected to fully understand every interaction between Pink Mocha Cafe and its customers to improve the customer experience. These methods included a collection of both primary and secondary research. The primary information was extracted through interviews, surveys, and focus groups. The secondary data was gathered by online research of customer experience management strategies.Interview Owner:The owner of Pink Mocha Cafe was interviewed in order to gather background information regarding the cafe. This was necessary to find out the cafe’s current customer experience strategies in order to improve the customer experience in the future. Such questions to gain this information included asking about the cafe’s mission statement, target market, employees, and projected outlook. Please reference Appendix A on page to see specific questions asked in the interview.Interview Employees:    Some of the employees of Pink Mocha Cafe were asked to answer a few questions regarding their viewpoints of the customer experience at the cafe. This research method gathered data on how the employees impact the customer experience, specifically looking at the importance of customer satisfaction and handling customer complaints. Please refer to Appendix B on page to see the complete list of questions asked in the interview.Customer Survey:     Local customers were surveyed to provide valuable insight on the current aspects of the customer experience and potential ways to improve their experience at Pink Mocha Cafe. This feedback is essential to understanding what customers like and don’t like about the cafe. Utilizing this information, the new plan to improve the customer experience will be able to directly target the current complaints. Please see Appendix C on page for the survey.Customer Focus Group:    Even though surveying customers was a good source of information of the customer experience, a focus group allowed customers to provide longer, in-depth answers. The focus groups obtained data regarding why they go to Pink Mocha Cafe, their typical customer experience, and any feedback or suggestions to improve the customer experience. Please reference Appendix D on page for the list of questions that were inquired.Online Research:    Online research was utilized to gather information on Pink Mocha Cafe’s digital footprint, social media pages, and other companies successful customer experience management strategies. Customer reviews and feedback were analyzed on Pink Mocha Cafe’s Facebook and Twitter pages to observe any gaps in the aspects of the customer experience that might have been missed during the primary research. The research provided information on strategies to increase customer loyalty and the retention rate. Process Used to Conduct the Selected Research MethodsAfter examining the rationale and benefits of each research tactic described above, the methods were carried out to analyze the current customer experience management strategies and find the information needed to improve the customer experience.Interview Owner:The owner of Pink Mocha Cafe, Heidi Nugent, was contacted over the phone to set up an interview at the cafe on Wednesday, January 3rd at 3:00 PM. To fully prepare for the interview, the interview questions were developed ahead of time. Purposefully, all questions were fairly open ended to ensure detailed and complete results. The questions targeted topics such as the history of Pink Mocha Cafe, the significance of a positive customer experience, current customer experience management strategies, the hiring and training process, future outlook plans, and more. Please reference the appendix for the interview questions.Interview Employees:4 out of the 12 employees were asked a series of questions regarding the customer experience at Pink Mocha Cafe after their shift on Friday, January 5th. These questions inquired about the full interaction of the employees with the customer in order to completely understand the customer experience management strategies in action. Please see the appendix for the interview questions. Customer Survey:    A survey of 10 questions were put on a google questionnaire for customers to answer. A link and QR code were placed next to the register at Pink Mocha Cafe as well on the cafe’s Facebook and Twitter pages. To gain more responses from the high school aged target audience, the survey was also emailed to the local high school. The survey was available throughout the second week in February, 2018. All responses were recorded and organizes into notes, charts, and graphs in order to analyze the results. Please reference the appendix for a copy of the survey questions.Customer Focus Group:    Two focus groups were held on Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 at 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM at Pink Mocha Cafe. The earlier focus group consisted of 10 local high school students and the later focus group was comprised of 10 middle-aged women from the community. The customers were asked a series of questions in an open and friendly environment that encouraged complete and detailed answers. These responses were then organized and compiled into notes, charts, and graphs to better display the information and general trends. Please refer to the appendix for the prompt questions inquired. Online Research:    During the entire research process, the Internet was used extensively as an important resource. Pink Mocha Cafe’s website, pinkmochacafe.com, was analyzed to observe what customers see when looking for more information on the cafe. Review posts on sites such as yelp.com and tripadvisor.com were also looked at to gain information on customer’s feedback in the past. The social media pages of Pink Mocha Cafe were inspected, primarily for customer reviews. Further information regarding the community of Hartland was found on sites city-data.com and census.gov. Researching the aspects of a positive customer experience and customer experience management strategies added to the pool of information regarding how to improve the customer experience.    Findings and Conclusions of the StudyFindings of the Research StudyAll information gathered from the research study is presented and discussed below. Graphs Needed:-how customers hear about Pink Mocha Cafe-Overall customer satisfaction breakdown by stuff-improvements for pink mocha cafeConclusions Based on FindingsProposed  Strategic PlanObjectives and Rationale of the Proposed Strategic PlanIn order to best improve customer experience at Pink Mocha Cafe, a three-part plan targeting the main weaknesses found in research will be implemented. Because of the growing competition due to new coffee shops in the Lake Country area, it is crucial to maintain a loyal customer base and accentuate the unique aspects of the cafe. Additionally, by addressing and solving the customer complaints, customers will be more likely to return and draw in new customers. Objective One: Create a mobile application The main objective of the proposed plan is to improve Pink Mocha Cafe’s overall customer experience. Customer experience begins when the customer hears about the business, before they even walk in the door. The results of the research conducted showed very positive customer experience in regards to the quality of product, however the greatest area for improvement lies in the  wait time after ordering. The proposed plan aims to improve this problem. By creating an application, Pink Mocha customers will experience more efficient service. In addition, the app will allow for real-time feedback to employees and the owner. Not only will this improve the customer experience, but the plan will also increase Pink Mocha Cafe’s customer retention by solving the biggest complaint, in turn increasing profit and success. Objective Two: Implement employee training/handbookThe customer experience relates directly to the emotions he/she feels throughout the entire process. Since the relationship begins so early, it is crucial to maintain a strong brand for the cafe. From the second the customer opens the door, the employees take over control of the customer experience. Since this is so crucial to the overall customer experience, part of the proposed plan deals directly with management of employees and their role in the customer experience. Primary research revealed less satisfaction in the employee-customer interactions. In order to best improve these interactions, it is important to maintain consistent service. Since Pink Mocha has a revolving door of part time employees, it is crucial to the customer experience to ensure all new employees receive the same training. The lack of management thus far has created several issues due to the disorganization of employees and their lack of knowledge of policies. Objective Three: Create a customer appreciation programThis third objective of the plan aims to allow the loyal customers to be rewarded and feel valued. Although Pink Mocha does currently have a customer loyalty program, it is not widely used due to the difficulty of keeping the punch card and remembering it. In conversation with Ms. Nugent, she expressed her desire to show her customers appreciation for their loyal support. By creating a new customer appreciation program in addition to the drink loyalty program, customers will have even more benefits for remaining loyal to the cafe. Proposed Activities and TimelinesIn order to best improve the customer experience at Pink Mocha Cafe, a three pronged plan will be instituted. Objective One: Create a mobile applicationTo best accomplish the goal of improving the wait time for food, the Pink Mocha app creates a way of ordering food ahead of time. Available for both iOS and Android systems, the app will be open to all potential customers. The app will not only have a full menu, but also an ordering system, a place to provide feedback, and Objective Two: Implement employee training/handbookTo best improve customer experience is to create an employee handbook, as well as specific guidelines for training. Training will include specific guidelines that will ensure the owner’s standards for employee-customer interaction are met. To ensure the best results, all employees, both incoming and returning, will be trained. This will allow for consistency across all interactions with the customer. The handbook will include a new acronym to guide attitude for customer interactions, SMILE. S- M-I-L- Listen. No matter the situation, listening to the customer is one of the most important things to ensure full understanding of the customer’s needs/wants. This way the probability of customer satisfaction of E-