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Every day we are traveling to a new era of
technological developments, one of which and at the same time the most exiting innovation
is nanotechnology. Despite other benefits that come with this new area of
science the most important is in terms of medical treatments. This essay will
describe the impact of nanotechnology in improvement of medical treatment of
diseases, and the risky side of it.

Nanotechnology behaves very diverse regarding
medical treatments, because it has a wide range of uses. Nanoparticles, which
are particles of atomic level or even smaller, are the main instrument used to transport
medicine or drugs into different parts of human body in a less harmful way. Some
kinds of nanoparticles called the “gold-nanoparticles” have resulted effective in
the treatment of cancer because of their ability to assimilate radiation. Once they
enter inside the tumor cells they assimilate
the energy and heat up until the cancer cell is killed. Another very important implementation
of nanomedicine is in terms of surgery. Extremely
small surgical instruments and even robots are used today to perform microsurgeries
with high preciseness, because they have nanocameras within which allows the
doctor to have a close up look of the whole process. Have you ever thought of a
nanorobot instead of white cells?

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Well this visual dream has finally
come to a real thing with nanorobots which are used as artificial white cells. They
“hit and kill” a dangerous pathogen via a microscopic laser device
mounted on it. Despite surgical treatments this technology offers the chance of
regeneration in the case of tissues, cells and bone reparation with
biocompatible materials such as smart polymer fibers with flexible abilities. These
nano fibers also help increase heart muscle at laboratory conditions. The
filaments ‘guide’ the muscles to grow properly, if previously they grew messy. The
blind people finally have a chance to visualize their surrounding with Hybrid –
neuro-electronic-retinal-cells, which provide artificial sight.


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