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Drew Bodamer Block 4 The French were the United states greatest ally in the revolutionary war, without them the united States  wouldn’t have been able to win the war. The US lacked the supplies, or assists to beat Great Britain. The US didn’t have any naval power to beat the British so the US was unable fight them on the sea. The US also had few guns or other supplies to fight with so without the support for France the US could barely even start a war let alone fight through one. They also helped us by sending  Marquis de Lafayette, Comte d’Estaing and Comte de Rochambeau. There were even times of unrest in the colonies about the french.Without the French supporting the the revolutionaries the US  would not have been able to win the war. The French helped the United States in many ways through supplies and troops. In the begging the French were hesitant in joining the war to help the United States but Benjamin Franklin who went to France to negotiate with the French. This negotiations helped to start supporting the Americans through a fictitious trading firm. “By the fall of 1776 a fictitious trading firm had already procured and shipped to the rebels nearly 300,000 pounds of gunpowder, 30,000 muskets, 3,000 tents, more than 200 pieces of artillery, and clothing for 30,000 soldiers.”(Ayres)When news of the Declaration of Independence and the subsequent British evacuation of Boston reached France, French Foreign Minister Comte de Vergennes decided in favor of an alliance. Before 1775 the french had a policy of “watchful waiting” put in place by the french foreign Minister, the Comte de Vergennes, to see if the United States could do two things before they would actually join in the war. The two necessary conditions for France to openly help the Americans where: first the US had to declare their independence, and second they had to show that they were capable of defending themselves against the British army.  In 1776 the French did start sending the American patriots supplies they needed to continue the war which resulted in the americans being able to win the battle of Saratoga, New York over British General Burgoyne. After this the French and the americans signed the treaties of   “Treaty of Alliance” and “Amity and Commerce.” bringing the French into the war onto the American side. The French helped the US during the war was by sending troops throughout the war. The French troops  helped in capturing towns and helping us win battles including the Battles of Yorktown. they sent 22,000 sailors and 12,000 soldiers to the war. The French both lead their own offencences and supported patriot offences during the war. The French navy was another essential element  in winning the war, without them the United States would have been unable to stop the British navy from being able to invade the United States. The US did not have any standing navy, so we couldn’t defend ourselves from the British on the sea. This allowed the British to focus their navy and other powers onto singular targets instead of over the whole cost, when the french did enter the war they made the British have to spread out their forces to cover the whole nation. With the french help the Americans were able to Defeat the British. Throughout the war the French helped us to win battles throughout the US while some of the battles that were fought ended up with many deaths on both sides the end was a total victory for the United States. The first direct French military support to reach America, in July 1778, was an expeditionary force of 4,000 soldiers and 16 ships under the command of the Comte d’Estaing. The first Battle lead the the French and American forces trying to retake New York City,  ended in a failure the French ships were unable to fight because of a sandbar witch block the French ships from being able to enter the harbor because of it the battle ended in a defeat.  Island, the French were providing navel support and the americans where charging through land. This battle resulted in another defeat . September 1779 Admiral d’Estaing returned to North America after being in the West Indies, the French and American forces then tried to retake Savannah from the British the battle ended in another failure due to the fact they assaulted a british stronghold in which the British were fortified and dug in. The battle ended in heavy losses. While the American forces tried to continue the siege d’Estaing had to return to France. After this loss the American forces was very unsure about the alliance between the two nations, the supplies being sent in by the French countered the unreast by the american people. After the fighting the American people where at an all time low the British controlled most of the Americas and the only thing that incurred was the arrival of French General Comte de Rochambeau. His forces were equipped with state of the art weapons.


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