Do to bad posture, puts extra strain

Do you have a 9 to 5 desk job that requires you to sit all
day? Is the major part of your day spent glued to the cell phone or laptop? If you’ve
answered yes to these questions, you’re living a hunched-over lifestyle that’s affecting
your posture. This habit of sitting for several hours leads to bad posture, puts
extra strain on the neck, and causes a lot of damage to the spine. Chiropractic
treatment for posture can help improve your lifestyle but first, let’s
understand why it’s important to have a good posture.

Good Posture – Why Is It Important?

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Your posture affects every walk of life, including the way
you walk, work, sleep, and execute minimal daily tasks. Good posture involves
training your body to maintain positions that place the least strain on neck
and spine during movement or activities.

Good posture can improve your life quality by:

Straightening your spine and distributing stress
to the intended ligaments and muscles

Decreasing the stress on the joints that support
the spine

Reducing the wear and tear of joints,
simultaneously decreasing the risk of arthritis

Allowing proper functioning of muscles by keeping
the joints and bones in proper alignment

Preventing fatigue, because body consumes less
energy as muscles function properly

Eliminating muscular pain and back ache

Enhancing memory retention and improving breathing

Making you look confident and contributing to an
attractive appearance

Health Risks Associated With Poor Posture

Poor posture can have long term negative effects on your
health. Research
shows that every inch of your head’s displacement from its center of gravity
adds an extra 10 pounds of stress on your neck. This can be extremely dangerous
for the spine. When you are not sitting, standing or lying down the proper way,
your body places abnormal stress on certain muscles and disrupts their working.

Poor posture can be due to a number of reasons ranging from obesity,
pregnancy, and wearing high heels to weak core muscles and tight muscles. Long term
poor posture can lead to various health problems, such as depression, digestive
problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, breathing problems, and shoulder/neck pain.

How to identify poor posture? Here are a few common indicators:

Rounded shoulders

Hunched shoulders

Drooped head

Arched lower back

Rounded upper back

Constant back pain

Not sure if you have a poor posture? Or are you concerned
that your posture is not as good as it should be? It’s not too late to seek
chiropractic treatment for posture.

Chiropractic Treatment for Posture – Here’s How It Works!

Chiropractor treatment can rectify the damage caused by
years of bad posture without the intervention of drugs. The process involves assessing
the root cause of your poor posture and helps you correct it through:


Soft tissue work


Recommendations on proper positions during activities


It involves manipulation of certain joints to increase their
range of motion and decrease tension in the surrounding muscles that cause
nerve interference. You may hear cracking noises during adjustments. This noise
is the result of gas releasing from the joints.

Soft Tissue Work

It focuses on how your body interacts with the muscles to
improve posture. If one of your muscles becomes weak, the other one overworks itself
make up for its counterpart. A chiropractor relaxes the over-worked tight
muscles before strengthening the underactive muscles through exercise.


To reduce tension in your muscles,
your chiropractor will prescribe yor certain exercises that will gradually
strengthen your weak muscles.

Recommendations on Proper Positions during Activities

Your chiropractor will teach you the right way to sit, stand,
sleep and carry out other activities to help you maintain a good posture.

Remember, a good posture leads to a healthy life.

To learn more about chiropractic
treatment for posture, give us a call at 512-906-2682. 


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