DNA in the society doesn’t have enough

DNA is an essential part of modern days medical. Many diseases can be found and prevent very easily by the use of DNA tests.  Nowadays DNA tests have become very common and due to this “Do you think medical professionals should be required for all genetic testing, or should consumers have direct access to predictive genetic testing?” has become a discussed topic. In my opinion, medical professionals should be required for all genetic testing because DNA is an extremely complex formationFirst of all, what are genetic tests and their benefits? Genetic testing is a medical advance way to diagnose inherited diseases and disorders. This test is the most reliable source for diagnosing the disease because your DNA is basically shown who you are. Thanks to this advanced testing methods the diseases and disorders are found out very early. Due to this, medical experts and can easily interfere a patient and avoid the effect of the diseases before it occurs or develops. Human DNA is one of the most complex formations in this world. It can be referred as the formulation of a person’s whole life. That is the reason why we need some experts to examine the DNA. As the result of the Human Genome Project (HGP), there are approximately 1800 diseases and disorders that can be found out by the DNA. This much complexity and too many data do not require an expert to work on it. A regular citizen in the society doesn’t have enough knowledge to make a healthy and scientifically proven DNA test to him or her self. Even if someone does a genetic test on themselves it won’t be as much helpful as an experts educated results. The geneticist and medical genetic advisors are educated in colleges to help people in this complicated medical situation. They can even be referred as the Doctors of DNA. Likewise how regular medical testing like a blood sample is recommended to done by experts DNA should be treated like that as well.