Different styles of leadership Essay

Marianne and Betsy do hold different manners of leading. Betsy is the more authorization conformity director and every bit good a small center of the route off direction. Marianne is more of state nine direction and every bit good as center of the route. From experience with those direction manner.

I think Betsy should concentrate more on what her direct director wants. If your comparatively new to a company. it would be really bad to sway the boat. I don’t believe she should go on to follow the same leading manner because rather frankly it’s non working. However she should wholly abandon her authorization leading manner. Honestly Marianne and Betsy are at a point where they desperate need to work together to acquire the chief end in the right position.

Marianne should go move of an authorization compliant director by giving her friendly relationship with Bridget and Suzanne merely a small separation. Betsy besides needs to larn how to be more of a center of the route squad participant direction. She can’t rely on being excessively bossy. particularly when her ain foreman tells her she is autocratic that’s a really bad mark.

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Betsy and Marianne can work together if they both come to an apprehension. Betsy is more in a jam so Marianne. Betsy works under Marianne and Betsy is a reasonably new employee. If Betsy resist Marianne and goes to senior direction it could possible endanger her employment. Furthermore Marianne has the bulk ballot amongst the staff. Betsy might hold to loosen up her rings and fall in more of the center of the route direction or either takes some tips into the state nine direction.