Definition: worst goodbye possible. Cry a bit




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The period commonly
reffered to stage after one’s childhood and between one’s adulthood.
Technically termed as adolescence, it is were individuals known as teenagers
are categorized into.



Youth is the period where
one starts to figure things out. It is the period were you start losing
innocence and start experiencing the world in different spectra of colors.


It is the period where
you start to get embarassed  being seen
with your mother and father. It is what other people call “The Rebel
Phase” in which you as an individual will try to defy everything because
you’re a genius only to end up being wrong and having bouts of
“phases” or coping mechanisms with the fact that you have an unhealthy
way to deal with your problems.


Feeling ugly? Fashion
fads and diets. Feeling a constant need for attention? Regularly uploads
selfies. Feeling depressed? Listens to music that resonates with the depressee.
So on and so forth.


But fret not! Because this
is also the phase were you make a mark for yourself. This is the phase were you
will hate yourself because of societal standards and just ultimately fall in
love with yourself all over again.


This is where you will
also meet the few individuals that will make life less harder and way more fun
with rude inside jokes. You’ll do the most unthinkable things possible and end
up in a gaggle of laughter (and possibly get caught in the act).


This is where you’ll
first feel love like never before. Just simple dating behind closed doors. This
is also the phase where one experience the best hello and the worst goodbye
possible. Cry a bit and feel extremely sad, but you’ll eventually find something
or someone to fill the hurt. Whether be it friends, family, school, or another
special someone, you get up and carry on living.


This is the period where
you’ll lose your innocence and purity. This is also probably the age group that
creates the edgiest and most emo quotes of all!


But nonetheless, being
half a responsible, educated, and semi-independent adult, and carefree,
whimsical, energetic child is the best thing in the world!


I just wish this were
true for all individuals.