Currently able to efficiently understand each wave,

Currently in the United States there are 41 million immigrants. This includes 10 million in California alone. Throughout this essay I will describe and explain each of the four major waves of U.S. immigration. Once we are able to efficiently understand each wave, we begin to see the american story is one a story of immigrationMany people came to the United States before 1780. There were vikings coming over to america but only a small group of vikings. Scientists think the first people to come over America was 20,000 years ago. Around the year 1000 some vikings would go to America, 500 years later Europeans came over. Going to America caused lots of people to get seasick, overcrowding, limited food and disease but more Europeans kept coming for political and religious freedom. Now that that we have seen before 1780 lets look after it, the first wave.The first wave of the United States immigration is one the smallest of the four. It occurred from 1780 – 1820. The first people who started coming was europeans, they came for political and religious freedom. In 1780-1820 the population of immigrants were English 49%, African 19%, Scots-Irish 8%, Scottish 7%, German 7%, Dutch 4%, French 3%, other 3% and they came for economical reasons, political freedom and religious freedom. There was a problem for immigrants, there was a anti – immigration law. When ronald reagan was president he signed a reform act that let 3 million immigrants come to america. In 1820 – 1880(Second Wave)many immigrants came for a better life and there were many reasons some of the immigrants that came were Asians, Europeans, Australians, Germans and the Irish. The asians came for the gold rush and because their was poverty and war in their land. They got pushed out of america because of laws and americans thought they were bad. The Irish came to get away from the potato famine and because of the gold rush. The clipper ships made the travel faster and cheaper to America. War, famine, revolution and industrialization made many Western Europeans go to America for a chance for something better. Americans didn’t want other religions from immigrants. People said that economic issues happened because of immigrants. Racism, people were racist to immigrants. The Irish and German were one of the first immigration groups that were experiencing hostility and organized opposition. A nativist group and when asked questions the answer with “I know nothing”. They defend catholics against protestantism. The yellow peril was when people were making riots and mob violence toward Asian – American people.The Third wave started in 1880 and it ended in 1930. Many immigrants came from eastern, southern and northwestern europe. More specifically from italy(4,600,000 immigrants),austro-hungarian empire(4,000,000 immigrants), russian empire(3,300,000 immigrants), german empire(2,800,000 immigrants), britain(2,300,000 immigrants), canada(2,300,000 immigrants), ireland(1,700,000 immigrants) and sweden(1,100,000 immigrants). Some immigrants came because of different reasons. The push factors are reasons immigrants emigrated from their land. Europeans came because of high population in southern and eastern europe. Most immigrants that came was because in the country they emigrated from had a lack of jobs and food. Some immigrants came because of the little available farmland. Some immigrants got pushed off their land because of mechanized of agriculture. The pull factors are why immigrants wanted to move to the U.S. Most immigrants came because of democracy, freedom of religion, available land, other forms of economic opportunity, booming industries means more jobs and sometimes because their family is there.The experiences of immigrants were not all the same when they arrived or traveled, some had a good time some had a horrible time. The trip was good or bad depending on what class you had, before steamboats immigrants had to take sailing ships which took 3 months to get to the United States of America. The steamboats took 2 weeks and it was faster and cheaper for immigrants. There are 3 classes 1st class has the best things, 2nd class is in the middle and 3rd class was pretty bad they slept on metal bunks and would often get sea-sick and the passengers would crowd the deck just to get fresh air. When the boat arrived at New York 1st and 2nd class got dropped off at hudson rivers piers directly in new york. 3rd class had to be processed in Ellis Island. They had to check if you were sick or had a diese and if they think an immigrant is sick they put chalk on their clothe and take them to a room for further inspection, if they did then they sent them back and if they were a kid one parent or older sibling had to come with them. When immigrants get through and didn’t have a lot of money they would settle in poor neighborhoods with cheap housing. To get some or more money immigrants would make their own businesses, landlords refuse rent from immigrants, they would be refused of some jobs and they were kept off of lots of colleges.