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Could you ever imagine what life was like back then without toilet paper. I am sure that it was very hard to clean yourself properly in the 1800’s before toilet paper was invented. Thanks to Joseph.C Gayetty you can now properly clean yourself after using the toilet, cause we don’t need any “crappy” disasters (hah get it). He wanted people to know that there was a better way to clean yourself in a better way. In this essay, you will read about Who,Why,What,Where,When, and How toilet paper was invented.Who: Joseph C. Gayetty invented the first packaged toilet paper in the United States in 1857. He was born in 1827, in Massachusetts, but lived in New York where he come to the idea of toilet paper in 1857. He first marketed toilet paper on December 8, 1857. He later died in 1895 “from being in the industry’s ith his three brothers in search of malt from the water found by drilling wells along the river in the Allegheny river in Boston”. His family later then  began to run the industry until they could afford to hire others to do it for them later in 1858. Ever Since then, toilet paper has been used to give cleaning to people for a long time now (” Who Invented”).Why / What: People used items for toilet paper such as leaves, rags, sticks, animal furs, and corn cobs. Finally Joseph Gayetty came along and made toilet paper, which did help people with the way the used the bathroom. His first idea of toilet paper had aloe in it so it would be soft, but did not go as planed, so they stopped production on the aloe in there toilet paper, but they still make that kind of toilet paper. The industry went viral and off the charts after there first and second shipment if toilet paper when people found out about how better it was then using leaves and rages. Toilet paper was used to freshen up after using the bathroom (more or less on the toilet), and is still being used today.  (“When Was”)Where / When: Toilet Paper was invented in New York in 1857, after he had moved from Massachusett. “His product was marketed and intended to be used as a medical accessory, but it was later remembered as a commercial disaster (although this product remained in licensed use until late 1920s)”. It was sold in a package of 500 papers, and were advertised as a help for people who had troubles with hemorrhoids. In other parts of the world, use of paper as a cleansing accessory was almost unheard of until he put it as advertisment. From that point on, use of toilet papers became widespread in the entire world (“When Was”).How: In conclusion to this, toilet paper has had a very big impact on my life and the world. For me , toilet paper has always kept me clean after i use the bathroom and it will keep making an impact on my life. It has also affected other that use it in the same way, because it keeps us clean and fresh. Toilet paper has had such a big impact on the world that people tried to make other products like it, which caused wet wipes, and cleaning wipes, such as Clorox and Lysol. In this essay, the known question was, ” Is this product worth the making”,  therefore the answer is, YES (“Who Invented”).