Before society to talk as opposed to

Before explaining about
the race and its impact, lets start what racism is. Racism mainly is a
worldwide progressive system of the prevalence and inadequacy along the line of
the human of race or races. It is used to distinguish different people by their
appearance, color and style. Like, according to the article, in United States,
black/white color line has verifiably been unbendingly characterized and
implemented white people are distinguished in pure category and any racial
intermixture makes one nonwhite.

Race as a social build
negatively affects society since its creation. Advancing from legitimate
interest, science took into consideration the wants of severe society to talk
as opposed to reality. Many years of abuse and misjudging of this term
clarified with wrongful organic terms would now be able to stop. As race is not
real in scientific sense we can look around the world and can see someone is
black, white or Asian as because not every person in the world is same. Every
people of our world has different facial structure, traits and body. It’s not
scientific rather its genetic. If every person was to be same then we couldn’t
figure out our parents, wife, brothers or sisters. Also, there are more than
150 countries in the world which has different climatic condition, diet, and
living lifestyle. Every country has their own religion and culture and because
of all the diverse climates and other factors people have different body
structure which makes them unique from other country people and make them more
distinguish as Asian, American or African.

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The development of the
race is not a quick process which happened at instant rather its developed
slowly. According to the article when Phipps was designated as black in his
birth certificate as of the state law, it created a big issue. According to the
law anyone with at least one-thirty second Negro blood was black. Huge battle
was started intriguing question about the concept of race. The controversy was
mainly in the meaning of race in society and its use public. The defender of
the law Attorney General Ron Davis pointed out the racial classification was
necessary as a record keeping requirement. But the Attorney of Phipps, Brian
Begue, argued that the assignment of racial category in the birth certificate
was unconstitutional and inaccurate. A retired professor from Tulane University
was called to give a point on the assignment as he indicated that most white
have one-twentieth Negro ancestry. But Phipps lost the case and it motivated
the racial identity system and the assigning individuals to specific racial
grouping was started. Phipps case created a huge dilemma of defining race in
everyone’s life. The scientific view on race has always been on controversy bit
its has been more political intention.

In my opining, I think
conflict theory best fits the authors approach as there has been a struggle in
defining race in the society. There has been always an argument on the racial
identity system. As of Phipps case, he disagrees upon the black identity given
to him by the law for which he fought for it but at the end he losses the case.
But this created a huge dilemma in the society on the process of defining race.
So, there been a struggle on defining race in past and it’s been a struggle in
present context as well. So, all in all, I think social conflict theory best
fits in the authors approach.

Generally, there has been
a whirlwind of talk, open and private, about the role of race in American
culture. How fascinating is the facts that race has an influence in people’s
thoughts in US society. It’s obvious that US society consists of different
cultural group living in the country as a resident or in a visa. Races like
African, Asian, Mexican are found abundantly in the society because of which
the idea the race has divided a group among the people. If we see in a day to
day life, it very rare that Asian people get along with American or vice versa.
As my experience, whenever I am in a mass or public, I always tend to be with
Asian or people from my country as the racial identity has set a thought in
people’s mind about the way they think us. The idea of race has particularly
created a distinguish characteristics among the people. For example, if someone
say American, we think Americans as white face people. Same goes for African
and Asian. African race denotes black people and Asian denotes people with
small eyes. This has created a difference in people among the society and made
us apart even though we all are human being.

All in all, race is a
word that has always been complicated and has created a difference in human
society. It symbolizes the advancement of culture from what was the standard
amid the main arrival of British homesteaders in the 1700s. A case of this
would be that the greater part of the general population living in America have
significantly more culture from what was the standard amid the 1700s. Another
illustration would be that culture is advancing as we go ahead with life.
Additionally, each Race has an alternate way of life that identifies with their
way of life. One case of this would be that Jewish nationals rehearse their
style of living, while Christians hone a semi-distinctive style of living.

At last I want to
conclude that this essay has been a great assignment for me which made me think
in the idea of race and its has surely helped to increase my interpersonal
skill to think about the life and the racial identity in society for which I
want to thank you a lot.