Before Highways” as well as becoming secretary







going into this class, I vaguely had an idea of Arizona’s history, from the Apache
Geronimo, the quick-witted Goldwater, to the 5 C’s.  The vast history that Arizona is built on
threaded upon mining which I didn’t realize shaped the state to what it is
today. To which I’d like to explore in depth with all the ghost towns around
nearby. We are lucky to have such an extraordinary amount of history practically
in our backyards. A drive up to some of these towns and discover what was once
a destination for many and feel the essence of history at your feet.  Places like Jerome or Bisbee to see Arizona’s
infamous mining districts as well as Fort Bowie, in accordance with the
surrender of the mighty warrior. Given the tremendous extent it finally took to
take down Geronimo, it be interesting to look at what key roles this place took
part in it.


the duration of this journey of the history of our great state of AZ, we have
gone from prehistoric peoples, to the Hohokam, Anasazi, and Mogollon, into the
Spanish Entrada, the Apache Wars, then into mining and the AZ Gold Rush, the
growth of Phoenix and Tucson, and then into recent political figures.  What interested you the most?  What topic/s will you research more?  Go into detail regarding what really interested
you, or what you want to investigate further.

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Evan Mecham- He was the first
Arizona Governor to be impeached for the misuse of funds and racial
inflammatory remarks. This stemming from his auto dealership being
involved with 80k that was from his inauguration fund. This was the first
impeachment in the prior 59 years, although he was acquitted of the felony


Rose Mofford- She was the first
female to serve as Arizona governor. Her career included stints on
“Arizona Highways” as well as becoming secretary of state and
even trademarked her own brand of salsa.


Sandra Day O’ Connor- She was the first woman
appointed U.S. Supreme Court. As a Republican, she was considered a
moderate conservative and served for 24 years. As a graduate of Stanford
she worked her way up when it was difficult for females for females at the
time to get opportunities as a lawyer. She began her journey overseas in


Bruce Babbitt- He was governor of
Arizona from 1978 to 1987 and as Attorney General of Arizona from 1975 to
1978. As well as serving as Secretary of the Interior from 1993 to 2001,
being appointed by Clinton. To which he led in the creation of the forest
plan in the Pacific Northwest, restoration of the Florida Everglades,
passage of the California Desert Protection Act, and legislation for the
National Wildlife Refuge system.


Morris Udall- Brother of Stewart
Udall, Morris “Mo” King Udall of Tucson, Arizona whom he started
a law firm with in 1949. Played professional basketball and served as
Secretary of the Interior in the Kennedy Administration, was elected to
his seat in the 87th Congress. He also the keynote speaker at the
Democratic National Convention in New York in 1980


Barry Goldwater- He was a shoot from the
hip businessman and Senator who ran for presidency, but his not so political
responses on a tv show about bombs gave the opposition ammo of its own to
publish the first “attack ads” of its kind that’s widely used in campaigns
today. He ended racial segregation in his family’s department stores, and
he was instrumental in ending it in Phoenix schools as well as restaurants.
Ultimately, he strengthened his political party even though he lost his
campaign which changed conservatism as a construct.
Stewart Udall- Known as the father of
the environmental movement, Udall was Secretary of the Interior for both
President’s Kennedy and Johnson. Born from St.  Johns, Arizona is one of the leading
environmental voices of our time.


Central Arizona Project- It was designed
to utilize the Colorado River through a system of aqueducts, tunnels, and
pipelines. It is the largest single source of renewable water
coming from the Colorado River and Lake Havasu There is half a dozen of
what are known as “recharge” sites. These facilities which
protect the ground water supply with storages underground helping with
filtration and precautionary shortages.


Isabella Greenway- Many may recognize
her from Greenway road or other public schools that are named because of
her but some may not know that she is the founder of Arizona Inn in Tucson,
Arizona but more notably as being the first U.S congresswoman in the great
state of Arizona.


Carl Hayden- He held the United States
record for serving the longest member on congress from 1912- 1969. Preceding
his stint as Arizona’s first Representative for 8 terms, and played a huge
role in the developments of the state.


George W.P. Hunt- The first mayor of
Globe who served both houses of the Arizona Territorial Legislature, as well
as wrote the state’s first constitution ultimately becoming the first
governor.  Among many accolades as a
businessman and politician he wrote a House Bill 42 during the 17th
Legislature Assembly which is now in the Arizona State Museum at the University
of Arizona.


Civilian Conservation Corps- Was well received
as being the largest peacetime mobilization of young males and provided structure
such as training, educational and employment opportunities leading towards
better discipline among the unemployed youth.  


Mathew Juan- As the first Arizonian to
die in the pits of war in the Battle of Cantigny, this Pima Indian served
in World War I and became a hero amongst the Gila River Indian Community.


Frank Luke Jr.- As lieutenant in the
United States Air Service, he was credited with shooting down 18 enemy
aircraft along with several enemy observation balloons. As remembrance to one
who was killed in battle, his name appears at Luke Air Force base after
Lt. Frank Luke.   


Papago Park – In 1879 the Maricopa and
Pima tribes had this area designated just for them which served for the
most famous POW escape in all of American history. It is also best
recognized for landmarks such as the Hole-In-The-Rock and a white pyramid
burial place of Arizona’s first governor called Hunt’s Tomb, he park today
covers 1,200 acres and has numerous picnic sites with tables, grills,
water and electricity. The park also contains fishing lagoons and bike
paths as well as a zoo, a botanical garden, fire museum and a golf course.


Ira Hays-A Sacaton native, this World
War I veteran harvested cotton as well as upheld a lifestyle of
subsistence farming to maintain his family income. Hayes enlisted in the
Marine Forces Reserve, and Overnight, therefore becoming a national war
hero by assisting in raising the flag on Mount Suribachi.


158th Regiment/Arizona
National Guard- 158th regiment/Arizona National Guard –
“Bushmasters” is an infantry unit of the Arizona National Guard
that’s been specialized in many fronts like the desert, mountain and
jungle terrains of the wars. These wars ranging from World War I, World
War II and in Afghanistan.


Sylvestre Herrera- Was renowned for his
courageous actions in war. As the first Arizonan to be awarded The
Congressional Medal of Honor during World War II, he was known to be dedicated
American and a true hero.


New Deal- Due to the collapse of the economy, the
United States revised their system in order to prevent any future areas of
depression. The new plan was to implement a self-help type of organized authoritative
government in sections and classes throughout the country..


 The 5 “Cs”- The economy of Arizona’s state are based on 5 major industries: The 5
C’s of Arizona. – Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus and Climate. The 5 Cs did
make a lot of people come to Arizona in the early stages and played important
roles of growth.




HIS 105

Marvin Tahy