Based bring complementary talents to Canadian skills

Based on past immigration stories, it is important for
Canada to continue allowing immigrants and refugees to come to our country
because When an immigrant comes to Canada there are
some costs associated with getting them settled. They may need English or
French lessons or help navigating the Canadian system, finding schools for
their children and beginning a job search. The federal government spends
$883-million per year on those services, and each province contributes its own,
smaller share.If immigration (even in the
economic-immigrant category) were to rise substantially, those costs would, too
– partly as an investment in reducing the potential strain on public services.As new permanent residents,
immigrants become consumers of Canadian public services, such as health care,
education, welfare and infrastructure. They contribute to those services
through their taxes. A recent Fraser Institute study by Herbert Grubel and
Patrick Grady argues immigrants impose a burden of about $6,000 each by
consuming more in services than they pay in taxes. But economists Krishna
Pendakur and Mohsen Javdani argue the amount is closer to $450. (Each side
disputes the other’s methods.)What’s clear, though, is that
immigrants recently have tended to earn less than the general population.Many immigrants
also send money to family in their native country, removing a portion of their
income and spending power from the Canadian economy. A Statistics Canada study
found that about 30 per cent of immigrants sent money home in the first two to
four years after their arrival in Canada, at an average of about $1,450 per
year.”Does immigrationhave a
positive impact? The answer is probably yes,” said University of Toronto
economist Peter Dungan. “The benefits have clearly declined over time,
though, because people are not earning to the extent that their equivalent
criteria or credentials should allow them.”If Mr. Sonsona and immigrants
like him bring complementary talents to Canadian skills and capital, then all
Canadians should benefit. The economic pie gets bigger and so does everyone’s
share of that pie, as measured by gross domestic product per capita.Studies show
that immigration can also foster innovation. A Conference Board of Canada study
found immigrants make up 35 per cent of university research chairs in Canada,
much higher than their 20 per cent share of the population.

The same study
argued that immigration has a significant impact on Canadian trade links. It
proposed that a 1-per-cent increase in immigration from a specific country
would lead to a 0.1-per-cent increase in the value of Canadian exports, largely
as a result of the international networks that immigrants bring with them. They
also bring with them a desire for goods from their home markets, which would
contribute to a 0.2-per-cent rise in the value of imports, and a more
interesting and varied market for all consumers.

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