Authors: and sold) through underground tunnels which

Authors: Sanoop Kollamparambil Gopi, Prasobh Ari Prabhakaran and Sreenath M S Title: Underground products (that are bought and sold) transportation-a (ability to actually be done) analysis for Airport (planning required to move people and supplies to where they’re needed) Introduction: This study will describe the background to the project; the planned technology and operation; the money-based, social and (things that are good for the planet) of undergroundfreight transportation using (related to electricity producing magnetic fields) system. For the last manyyears, the conveyor belt system is being used by the airport people in charge in the baggage transportation field. Thesystem works with mechanical and electrical power but the help of human power is (certain to happen)and also needs/demands large area and external powers. As an other choice of this, the undergroundproducts (that are bought and sold) transportation method can be used. Underground products (that are bought and sold) transportation is the method of transportationof products (that are bought and sold) through underground tunnels which reduce usual traffic jams and provide fast delivery of products (that are bought and sold) to different destination. There are three types of underground pipeline methods. Slurry pipeline, (air-related/air-operated) pipeline and Magnetic capsule pipeline and here we go for the(producing the most with the least waste) method, that is Magnetic capsule pipeline (machine/method/way). 1. Underground Products (that are bought and sold) Transportation system using magneticpropulsion 1.1. Underground freight transportation (UFT) It is available as one of the possible solutions for the transport related problems in big cities. It is a group of automated transportation systems in which capsules carry products (that are bought and sold) through tunnels and pipelines between (using trains and trucks and ships) terminals. Being ableto use a part of the space under existing highways will greatly help the construction of such tunnels and pipelines and reduce their construction costs. The opening of a non-ordinary system of underground freight transport is expected to produce good effects, especially on the city-based (surrounding conditions) and (how easy something is to get to, use, or understand). The transport of products (that are bought and sold) via magnetic system causes fewer (things sent out or given off) of (related to surrounding conditions or the health of the Earth) harmful substances. Improved traffic safety is also a result. This is a significant step towards the goal of an (able to last/helping the planet) city-based living (surrounding conditions). Also use of space and the money-based functioning of city-based areasare positively/well affected. 1.2 Magnetic propulsion system. This system uses (related to electricity producing magnetic fields) propulsion which is defined asthe force acting on a current carrying conductor when placed in a magnetic field. This makes the system very Energy (producing a lot with very little waste) and reliable. The magnetic (floating or hovering) is amodern technology which uses electromagnets to (float or hover) on the guideway and produce propulsion force (with electrical devices causing machines to move) without any contact . 2 Chapter 2: Focus In Current Airport situation Conveyor belt system is used for moving luggage .In this system there is chance of getting damage on boxes due to quick and sudden track changes and also it needs/demands high electric power. Identical baggage may be taken mistakenly bythe passengers. Where as in Airport shops the passengers need to carry all items together after buying. Also there is Chance of misplacing or wrong delivery of items to the customers. Underground Transportation System is the highly secured substitute for current luggage transportation system in airport that can immediately move (from one place to another), controland control the flow of products (that are bought and sold) in large amount through magnetic pipelines. Chapter 3: Analysis How this method (combine different things together so they work as one unit) with the existingtransport system in airport ? 3.1 Construction Sectional construction from factory-built units secures/makes sure of quality and (makes something as small as possible/treats something important as unimportant) installation time and cost.Pipelines can be placed next to or under existing or new transport structure to make simpler construction.Installation and (combination of different things together that work as one unit) with current supply chains and distribution centers .This System Uses Renewable Energy sources such as solar and wind energy. And always have a backup. 3.2 Working Pipelines can be placed next to or under existing or new transport structure to make simpler construction, installation and (combination of different things together that work as one unit) with current supply chains and distribution centers.It is highly programmed to allow for 24Ö7 unmanned operation.The Simple and mature technology provides high reliability, availability and (ability to be kept going or kept operating).The System is Electrically powered for (the ability to keep something around, or keep something going) and low (related to surrounding conditions or the health of the Earth) hit/effect.The encircled pipeline offers safe and secure transport and the Sectional construction from factory-built units secures/makes sure of quality and (makes something as small as possible/treats something important as unimportant) installation time and cost. Chapter 4: Discussion So far, we have decided that the proposed system has its own advantages and disadvantages. By going through through different stages of process we guessed (based on what was known) that the proposed system can easily be put into use in real life (surrounding conditions) without any sadness. The advantages and disadvantages are as follows. 3 Advantages – Magnetic pipelines are 3 times more energy (producing a lot with very little waste) than similar conveyor systems. – Able to operate at more than 3 times the speed of conveyor systems. – Can be greater than 10 times more reliable than conveyor systems. – Able to (work or talk with others to reach agreement/get through successfully) tight corners, bends and steep (inclines/smooth changes of something between two points). Disadvantages – As Ferromagnetic substance is used there is chance for (related to electricity producing magnetic fields) interference in the system. – Addition of new (basic equipment needed for a business or society to operate) may slow thesystem down. – Power failure or short circuit may produce/make happen the system (firm and steady nature/lasting nature/strength). – Also/and ,it needs/demands extra cost for building the magnetic pipeline. – May understand/explain the working of airport system at the time of installation. End/end result (thinking about/when one thinks about) the Magnetic Capsule Pipeline (MCP) as described above, it can be ended/decided that the use of MCP extended for underground freight transportation may offer many (related to surrounding conditions or the health of the Earth) and safety benefits. This system willreduce traffic jam, (sudden unplanned bad events/crashes), air pollution, noise pollution and damage to roads and bridges to the existing of the ordinary transportation system (road vehicles and railways). In view of MCP construction, it had been proven and successful use in Japan. It is, therefore, a PCP approach besides the magnetic (floating or hovering) (Maglev) system may represent the best new technology for futuretransportation, products (that are bought and sold), and people for solving the transportation problems in thebig cities.