At accepting of the suggestions that are

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At the beginning, Thomas
Green was inspired to surpass desires and meet goals. He was focused and worked
hard to ensure all his tasks were completed successfully. He displayed exceptional abilities and enthusiasm to
develop and procure an advancement that not many merited at his age and experience.
He connected with Shannon McDonald, VP, to secure a place as the Senior Market
Specialist from a record official. He climbed two stages of the administrative
stepping stool in one jump.

But the fact is that he does not have much to show
after his first five months of his job. He seemed most effective during the
first few weeks of his promotion and was able to accomplish a lot before the
Budget meeting. But, it appears he lost interest when his input in the meeting
was not acknowledged.

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You cannot always assume that everyone would agree
with you. You need to be accepting of the suggestions that are given to you especially
if it is related to a subject that you don’t have much experience in. Thomas
made a lot of mistakes, but the biggest one was publicly disagreeing with
Davis’ sales growth projections. Davis was a highly experienced professional
and he must have some rationale behind the estimates, but Thomas seemed to
completely ignore this fact. He also received the feedback that his ideas and
proposals should be backed by hard data and presentations, but it appears he
was too reluctant to change or pay heed to any of the suggestions from his
peers or his boss. This attitude came across as overconfidence. Some issues he
faced were – not keeping an updated schedule, not following up when information
is requested, and a lack of enthusiasm. Because Thomas felt like he was being micromanaged,
he became very reluctant to do what Davis had suggested. He also did not make any
attempts to resolve the issues with Davis and explain what was going on in his
head neither did he talk to McDonald about his point of view.  Green has not been able to adapt himself well
to the new role. He has not cultivated well with his superiors and did not pay
the required attention when the situation with Davis started going wrong.



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