Aspiring this case interesting because despite it

Aspiring to be a Corporate Lawyer, I believe my choice of studying Law and Business is essential as this degree gives me an advanced understanding of the Business world, alongside a solid grounding in legal studies. Studying Law and Business will widen my knowledge of the fundamental concepts, principles, theories and procedures of business and Law, which underpin the Law of England and Wales including how it relates to ethics, the concept of justice, the institutions within which the law is administered and how Law is made and developed. I will also gain transferable legal skills such as critical analysis and evaluation with excellent oral and written communication. Law and Business will develop my in-depth knowledge concerning Business law, Legislative and Regulatory Development and enable me with the thorough grounding needed to be a Corporate Lawyer such as advising businesses on their numerous legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations.Law at A levels has provided me with an understanding of the English legal system, both criminal and civil law, Tort of Negligence and Aspects of Legal Liability. One area of Criminal Law that interests me is the Aspects of Legal Liability (Thin Skull Rule) in the case of R v Blaue “The defendant must take his victim as he finds him.” I find this case interesting because despite it being the victim’s own volition to refuse blood transfusion due to her religion, the Judge still found the defendant guilty as the stab wounds she incurred was still the operative cause of her death. However, what if she had other reasons of declining blood transfusion such as, being scared of the receiving the wrong blood type or being in hospital due to her personal beliefs? Should the defendant still take responsibility of accepting the victim as he finds her just as the law states? Law at A levels developed my analytical, organisational and communication skills as I had to interpret legislation and read case law. In addition, my coursework had to be written clearly, concisely and in a logical manner. I learnt how to identify legal issues, apply the relevant law to a scenario and reach a conclusion through my problem solving skills. Thus, I gained critical thinking and evaluation skills, as I had to ensure I expressed my views confidently, which were proven with evidence, encouraging me to reflect on contemporary issues in societies. Families & Households and The Media in Sociology has made my essay writing skills strong as it allowed me to discuss different views on social issues in a critical and evaluative way. I am also able to draw on a range of perspectives (Marxists, Feminists, New Rights & Post Modernists), evidence and contemporary issues. Studying this subject has made me acquire knowledge and a critical understanding of our society and the changes involved through a range of research methods such as questionnaires and structured interviews. Sport and Exercise Physiology and Psychology, Anatomy for sport & exercise and Research methods for sport and exercise, expanded my analysis & evaluation, communication and team-working skills. In Sport and Exercise Physiology, I had to investigate the initial response of the body to exercise, how the body responds to ready state exercise, using data collection analysis from repeated rounds of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Working at Manchester United I have learnt how to work under pressure especially with the half time being only 15 minutes I had to stay calm and worked fast-paced and smiled throughout my service notwithstanding the huge queue built up at my till and customer complaints. I gained the skills to negotiate and persuade customers to buy additional items increasing sales. These skills are vital in studying Law and Business and in the field of Corporate Law because for me for me to achieve my goals, I need to vigorously excel despite the challenges, be persistent and determined.