An the lives of those that are

An example
of how the public services have worked together effectively to resolve a
situation is the 7/7 London Bombings. On the 7th of July 2005 four suicide
bombers attacked central London and managed to kill 52 people including
themselves; injuring over 770 people. 
All of the emergency services had to work together to stop further bombings
from happening and to also make sure that they save the lives of those that are
injured.  They had to make sure they used team working skills at very high
standards in order to prevent any more people from dying and 56 people dying
out of 770 people proved that they worked fast and effectively to save the
lives of people. Although there were many problems that meant that the public
services did not work together.  
The London Ambulance Service had problems responding to incidents quickly and
there was a known delay of 52 minutes in getting ambulances to a scene of the
bombings where 13 people died.  And eventually they attended after a
second attack was reported. Also with the police they had problems with
communicating as they had just recently changed their radio system which was
still unavailable to be used underground, which meant they had to have officer
used as runners to communicate information they had received to people at the
ticket offices. 
The London Fire Brigade also had problems regarding their policies for their
jobs many fire-fighters did not care about these polices as they knew they
needed to help people however a few officers refused to enter the tunnels
underground because they had not received official confirmation that the live
electric rails have been turned off even after a police officer had already
stood on the rail to prove it was not live.

All of the emergency services must work together
effectively in order to save lives and prevent incidents from happening again.
The first public service to attend the scene of a major incident depends on the
type of incident. Usually police officers are first to attend the scene of any
incident as they are the people that must find out who caused the accident and
they need to find them so they can be punished. If a police officer is first on
the scene depending on the type of incident they will then decide which other
emergency response services need to attend the scene. If there is traffic
collision scene the police will need to have officers checking for injured
people and also officers to cordon the area off so the public are not able to
entre what has now become an evidence scene.  In a case of a traffic
collision incident the police will have to contact the fire and ambulance
service. The fire service will be able to make sure that people are safely
removed from the cars that have been in the collision and also they must make
sure that once the people have been removed the car is not at risk of
exploding, they would have to clear up any petrol spills or leaks around that
might cause danger for the other people on the scene. The ambulance services
will need to then care for the people who have been removed from the car and
report back to the police anything they have said about what has happened and
also any injuries or deaths that have come off the incident. After this has
been done the ambulance service will be responsible for taking any injured
people to hospital where they can receive the medical attention they require.

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The fire
service also has an important role. They search and rescue people that may be
stuck in buildings, cars and rubble. This makes them the most important service
when it comes to helping out in natural disasters like earthquakes which have
caused buildings to fall. This is because they are the most efficient at the
job and have been specially trained to do what they do. Also, the fire service
is important if the ambulance haven’t arrived at the scene yet as they can
treat a patient with basic medical equipment. This is useful as then there
isn’t a risk of the patient’s life. Another important role is protecting the
environment, without the fire service doing so then in certain circumstances it
can be difficult for the public to do certain things. For example, if a lorry
had a chemical spill on the motorway then the fire service would arrive at the
scene to clean the chemicals up. This is because the chemicals could be toxic
to the public and if they’re not cleaned up then it could cause some harm to
the public and could cause injuries if it affects the surface of the motorway
as the road would be slippery and collisions could occur.




ambulance service has the most important role in an emergency incident as their
duty is to help those that are injured or are near death. Without the ambulance
service then many people that have been involved in emergency incidents like
road collisions, knife crime etc. would not get treated at the scene and
therefore it could risk the lives of those that are injured for many reasons.
For example, if someone had a broken neck then the injury could be made worse
by them being picked up wrong to be placed in the car as there would be no
ambulance to take them to the hospital. Another reason is that, a normal car is
obviously not allowed to travel the same speeds that an ambulance would be able
to with their lights on; this is because paramedics are specially trained to
drive safely and fast at high speeds. Because of this, the injured person would
get to hospital slower and therefore could risk their life if they were in a
life or death situation and needed treatment straight away. As well as this,
the ambulance warns hospitals in advance with what treatment the patient will
need and what their case is. This is so that doctors and nurses are prepared
leading to more organisation in the workplace. Without the ambulance service
doing so, hospitals would be more hectic as there would more than likely be
more people waiting for treatments because hospitals were not pre-warned about
the needs of the patient.


 The police have a very important job whilst
dealing with an emergency incident as they have are the ones which are
responsible for keeping public order. If they were not there, it would make
life a lot more difficult for both the ambulance and fire service when dealing
with an emergency as they would get people interfering and attempting to help
which could potentially make the situation worse. As well as this, if the
public were not held back or roads blocked off then it could also make the
situation worse by more people getting injured. For example, the police close
roads off when a car collision has occurred. If they did not do this then the
number of cars that are involved in the collision could rise as people are not
aware that there is a collision ahead so therefore they can be travelling at
high speeds – especially on a motorway – and then collide with the vehicles
originally involved in the incident. Also, the police have another important
role of collating evidence when an emergency incident has occurred, especially
where it involves a crime scene like a knife crime or murder case. It is an
important job because this evidence will be vital for the investigation and the
prosecution of the criminal involved in the crime. As well as this, evidence
like tyre marks can be used to figure out how an incident occurred depending on
where they are located etc.