Alumni Relations Essay




American Public University System ‘s Office of AlumnivRelations seeks to develop life-long partnerships with thevSystem ‘s alumnas by offering plans and services thatvendeavor to construct community, enhance alumnas professionalvand educational promotion, and advance collaborationvamong all APUS components.


This Office of Alumni Relations is housed within the Student Services Center and overseen byvthe Chief Administrative Officer. The Director of Graduation, Alumni Relations and CareervServices provides executive inadvertence for the Office of Alumni Relations. The Alumni Relationsvand Career Services Manager provides day-to-day operational counsel and serves as a keyvliaison between APUS and the alumnas.


? Until 2004, alumnas were notified yearly of University growing by Jeff McCafferty, vwith the Office of Institutional Advancement. During this clip, no formal benefits orvservices were offered to alumnas.

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? In 2004, Dr. Fred Stielow was hired to set up an alumni dealingss operation andvalumni association model.

? Marketing ab initio oversaw alumni operations. Duty transferred to InstitutionalvAdvancement in mid-2005.

? Alumni operations were transferred to the Student Services Center in June 2007.

? Alumni Relations and Career Services Manager, Grace Williamson, was hired invAugust 2007.

? Office of Alumni Relations began strategic planning for 2007 and beyond.


In order to recognize its mission and intent, the Office of Alumni Relations used the followingvprinciples as guidelines:

1. The Office of Alumni Relations will endeavor to develop and implement plans thatvstrengthen community and affinity for the University.

2. The Office of Alumni Relations will set up relevant and meaningful services andvprograms for the APUS constituency.

3. The Office of Alumni Relations will keep professional staff to back up newvinitiatives and to function as affairs between the alumnas community and the University.

4. The Office of Alumni Relations will be committed to supplying womb-to-tomb chances forveducational and professional promotion.


In order to recognize its mission, the Office of Alumni Relations, guided by the declared rules, vwill aspire to accomplish the ends described below over the following three old ages ( 2007-2010 ) :

1. The Office of Alumni Relations will be committed to pass oning with the alumnas, in avvariety of ways, to portion information refering the University and its alumnas.

2. The Office of Alumni Relations will take to increase the engagement of alumnas in all ofvits plans and will acknowledge alumnas for their service to the University.

3. The Office of Alumni Relations will promote continued educational and professionalvdevelopment.

4. The Office of Alumni Relations will supply support services at no cost to alumnas.

5. The Office of Alumni Relations will supply mentoring chances for alumni tovnurture the professional development of APUS undergraduate pupils and eachvother.

6. The Office of Alumni Relations will pass on with employers and work toward thevestablishment of reciprocally good partnerships with the purpose of increasingvemployment chances for pupils and alumnas.

7. The Office of Alumni Relations will work to affect, prosecute and pass on withvalumni in order to keep reach the University.

8. The Office of Alumni Relations will work to further community edifice and networkingvamong alumnas.

9. The Office of Alumni Relations will be structured to see continuity of womb-to-tomb servicesvand support to APUS alumnas.

10. The Office of Alumni Relations will spread out its offering of affinity services for alumnas.


The Strategic Plan and Initiatives for 2007 ? 2008 identified the undermentioned prioritiesvnecessary to raising, grow and set up Alumni Relations:

1. Increase the engagement of alumnas in:

? Mentoring

? Career Services

? Alumni Relations

2. Enhance Our Communication

? Regular Frequency

? Relevant Content

? Release and Distribution of Important University Messages

? Convenient Delivery

3. Establish platforms for web

? Beginning

? Global Mentor Network

? Online Social Network, inCircle

ALUMNI Relations:



Alumni Relations plan realigned, enhanced and expanded following Board blessing invJune 2007. Alumni Relations Manager hired to develop plan and concentrate on new initiatives.vOffice of Alumni Relations Accomplishments:

1. Increased communicating with alumnas through thevdevelopment and distribution of four e-vnewsletters:

? Compass?APUS intelligence and events

? FOCUS? Industry information concentrating onvyour hereafter callings

? Four Points, APUS community membervprofiles

? Milestones? Share intelligence and events in yourvlife with other alumnas

2. Increased equal to peer communicating byvestablishing a secure on-line societal networkingvcommunity, APUS inCircle, entirely for alumnivproviding entree to a figure of characteristics such as occupation posters, web logs, networking forums, industry groups and regional nines.

? Over 1300 alumnas registered and completed community profiles

? 115 active groups

? 127 active regional nines

3. Increased alumni battle with the University through contact and relationships with pupils and alumnas positioning the university as the centre of ongoing autonomous acquisition chances.

The undermentioned consequences were a joint attempt between Alumni Relations and Student Affairs.

? 55 alumnas registered as Mentors

? 74 pupils registered as Mentees

? 14 braces were working toward relationship completion as of June 2, 2008 finishing relationships


This twelvemonth, Alumni Relations was present at the Awards Reception and Commencement. Alumni Relations distributed informational booklets detailing benefits and services available through APUS following graduation ( Appendix I ) . Alumni Relations besides provided alumnuss with brocaded APUS tablet paginations and distributed a complimentary book, Becton: An Autobiography of a Soldier and Public Servant, written by the Commencement Keynote Speaker, Lieutenant General Julius W. Becton, Jr. Other Alumni Relations engagement and support of the University included outlining the undermentioned proposals and commendations:

? 2007 ? 2008 Strategic Plan for Alumni Relations

? APUS Memorial Program Proposal

? Class of 2008 Brochure/Sponsorship Proposal

? Virtual Career Conference Concept, Brochures, Website

? Distinguished Graduate Award Citation

? Distinguished Faculty Award Citation

? DETC Award Recipient Citation

? Distinguished Alumni Award Citation

Alumni Relations besides participated in the choice and reappraisal procedure for the DETC Outstanding Graduate of the Year Award 2007 Recipient Dr. Benjamin Davis Masters of Science in Space Studies DETC Outstanding Graduate of the Year


Cited Opportunities for Improved Communication with APUS Alumni As the basis began for constructing the foundation of the Alumni Relations plan, be aftering concentrated on increasing the chances for bettering the University ‘s relationship with alumnas. Among them:

? Better alumnas reach, better alumni battle: APUS alumnas already use engineering in all facets of their lives. Through the execution of integrative societal engineering APUS is now able to construct and nurture relationships with alumnas leting APUS to cultivate stronger alumnas trueness.

? Better cognition of alumnas: By presenting integrative engineering, the University has gained the increased advantage of capturing alumni involvements and the ability to orient information and scheduling consequently. The execution of integrative engineering besides provided APUS with a tool for placing alumnas willing to assist the University with their professional expertness and to assist pupils and other alumnas through calling mentoring and other services.

? More effectual communicating: Advanced engineering tools have besides provided a cost-efficient vehicle for coordinated, targeted, and high-impact communicating with alumnas. Due to APUS? turning alumnas organic structure it is indispensable to keep the impulse in our communicating with alumnas. In order for communicating to stay effectual it will be necessary to concentrate on countries of import to alumni. These countries include APUS

? Alumni inCircle Community, Employer Partnerships and Career Services. In order to back up this inaugural extra staff will be required ( See Future Staffing Needs on page ___ for occupation descriptions )

? More plans and services valued by alumnas: Via engineering, the APUS has begun supplying alumnas with services they value greatly, such as intelligence bringing, chances to keep ties with old and new friends, and networking for calling and concern.

? Alumni want to hear from us: Over the past twelvemonth, Alumni Relations has found that over 35 per centum of our alumnas read our newssheets. Systematically we have less than five alumnas unsubscribe per distribution. Alumni are interested in the University and want to stay in contact.

? Greater consciousness of the University ‘s strengths: Programs delivered via engineering provide an effectual agencies to showcase the University ‘s strengths.

? Better return on investing: Coordinated planning and execution would maximise the University ‘s investing in engineering.

? Better giver designation and cultivation: While Development is non a consideration to APUS at this clip, advanced engineering solutions would enable the University to place prospective givers more readily.

? Better trade name direction: Cohesive planning and execution of engineering would assist the University undertaking a consistent trade name.


Although sellers were contracted to offer services such as societal networking and mentoring, there was still an extended sum of customization that Alumni Relations was responsible for in order to run into the demands of our constituency and to trade name each application. Customization required beta trial prior to let go of and included, but was non limited to the followers: Competency and Business Unit Selection

Data Form Upload


Branding and Avatar


Style Sheet Layout

Privacy Statements

Verification Data Uploads

The customization procedure for inCircle took approximately six hebdomads and was released to alumni in January 2007. Global Mentor Network took about five months to finish and was released to alumnas in April 2008.


The Office of Alumni Relations worked to run into these ends through the execution and fosterage of the undermentioned plans:

inCircle: Through alumnas studies, one of the outstanding subjects was the demand for a societal web. Alumni were interested in the execution of an on-line forum or community that would let them to where alumnas could web, portion calling advice, discuss employment chances and socialise with one another in both a professionally and personal mode.

Following extended research Alumni Relations contracted, Affinity Circles, developers of inCircle, a dynamic, trusted societal online networking community. Their societal networking community allows members to construct and keep personal and professional connexions. This application allows alumnas to finish an online profile and addition entree to a figure of characteristics such as occupation posters, networking forums, exposure albums, web log provenders and more.

Chris Caulkin, AMU ?05

Chad Edwards AMU ?06

Steven Coontz ; AMU ?07

Associate Dean, Century College


Condemnable Justice Instructor

at Remington College

Police Sergeant at BART

Police Department


The integrating of APUS? Alumni inCircle Community has provided our Alumnuss with the ability to go informed of chances based on the penchants they set in individual profile. Here?s how it works:

? inCircle Opportunities is a proprietary system that provides actionable proclamations from the APUS, our alumnas and affiliates maintaining alumnas engaged in the life of the University.

? Opportunities are targeted to alumnas based on up-to-date profile informations provided by the alumnas themselves ? including professions, locations, grades, avocations and involvements, and other personal information.

? Alumni are rewarded by progressively relevant chances when they update their profiles with current information. The more benefits members derive from sole chance exchange, the more engaged they become in the organisation, and the more frequently they update their profiles.

? inCircle Opportunities are broken down for the user into separate chance classs such as: occupation chances, events, travel, groups, discounts/deals, contributions, go oning instruction and voluntaries ; doing it easy for alumnas to shop and seek their chances.

? inCircle Opportunities are channeled by and between three alone beginnings adding important value to your members.

o Members ( Member to Member )

o Our University ( APUS to Member )

O Employers looking to engage ( Employer to Member )

? Alumni can setup their histories in order to entree their sole inCircle chances on the web sites they use most ; doing their member chances wholly portable.

Harmonizing to an Affinity Circles study in 2007, they found that on norm, 28,000 messages are sent between members of an inCircle community each twelvemonth.


? Photo Albums: Sharing exposures from holidaies and household events every bit good as professional maps makes interactions more personal.

1. My Profile: By make up one’s minding which personal information to include and finding who they will let to entree their information members can protect their privateness.

? My Contacts: By filtrating and sing their web based on part, profession, or industry, members can turn up friends and co-workers and even plot the connexions on a dynamic Yokel! Map.

? Network: inCircle Fosters professional growing by assisting users locate professional contacts, happen aid with occupation hunts, or do connexions within specific industries.

? Events: Groups or persons can publicise events on inCircle webs, giving event coordinators faster, easier entree to members.

? Forums: Discussion groups runing from occupations and athleticss to rearing, music, and fund-raising give everyone a voice in their community.

? Groups: Making customized groups within an organisation ‘s web to suit chapters, nines, industry professionals, or fraternal organisations makes it easier to form events and maintain impulse.

? Blog Feeds: Members can spread out their range by sharing their web logs in a personal profile via RSS provenders.

? Jobs: inCircle creates a new channel for occupation searchers, assisting them find occupations through listings posted by employers every bit good as through peer-to-peer inCircle community occupation hunts.


? inCircle provides the ability for alumnas to link with each other in a manner that provides maximal trade name value for APUS.

? Assorted recommendation engines highlight connexion chances for a member based on personal informations that they have entered into their profile.

? Search functionality allows members to happen others based on all member profile informations.

? Groups alumni to take part in niche treatments and activities within the inCircle application.

? Public treatment forums create a topographic point for alumnas to seek advice from and discourse assorted other subjects with all community members Pictures of our alumnas posted in public profiles


APUS? inCircle Members have the ability to leverage their web in multiple ways to help in calling growing and promotion. inCircle nowadayss relevant member connexion chances every bit good as provides the functionality for users to seek based on specific standards.

? Members can post occupation chances to each other aiming the most relevant members of the web.

? Members can see chances straight from top companies and have the ability to bespeak extra information and/or web with other members that already work at the company.

? Members can research calling waies, sing other members who work in specific Fieldss and locations every bit good as companies engaging for specific Fieldss in specific locations.

? Members have the ability to denominate themselves as person who would wish to offer or have calling advice and hunt for others based on those standards


Harmonizing to Affinity Circles, an on-line societal networking community is considered successful if it engages between five and six per centum of its organisational rank. In our instance, since the origin in December 2007, APUS? inCircle Alumni Community has engaged over 27 per centum of its alumnas and has overpoweringly exceeded mean growing outlooks. APUS has outperformed Empire State University Alumni Community which was formed in September 2007. Despite a direct mail and on-line selling plan, Empire State has engaged less that two per centum of their alumni population. Charting inCircleR2 = 0.910302004006008001000120014001/1/20081/28/20082/1/20082/7/20082/13/20082/20/20082/27/20083/4/20083/10/20083/14/20083/21/20083/27/20084/2/20084/8/20084/15/20084/21/20084/25/20085/1/20085/7/20085/19/2008


Registration and Use

1301 registered alumnas have registered an electronic mail reference on record with inCircle.

1301 alumnas have registered for inCircle.

Profile Completeness – Define Profile Completeness

49.58 % is the mean degree of profile completeness for all registered alumnas.

17.09 % is the mean degree of profile completeness for all alumnas.


495 chances are presently available.

1300 registered alumnas have viewed chances.

433 registered alumnas have clicked on chances.

36 registered alumnas have expressed involvement in companies through inCircle.

201 registered alumnas have applied or expressed involvement in occupations

Popular inCircle Alumni Groups

National and Homeland Security

Alumni Relations will go on to concentrate on many of these enterprises, the foundation has been laid for future enlargement of the plans and services that are presently being offered. We look frontward to back uping our turning alumnas organic structure as these plans evolve and new enterprises are implemented in 2009.