Although gases, and batteries are also available

Although acid rain is very detrimental to our environment, there are some ways to decrease our level of toxic emissions such as cleaning exhaust pipes and smokestacks, using alternative energy sources, restoring previously damaged environments, and informing individuals on how they can make a difference. First of all, just by cleaning the coal before use in coal burning machines, factories can greatly reduce the emissions of the toxin SOx. Power generation facilities can also switch to natural gases, which will also emit less SOx. It is not just factories that cause this acidic rain, but also our daily automobiles when we burn fossil fuels. By placing catalytic converters into the exhaust pipes of our vehicles, we can cut down the emission of NOx, which is emitted from the exhaust pipe when fossil fuels, or gasoline is used. Instead of working on cleaning these destructive toxins, we can use alternative energy sources cuh as wind, geothermal, and solar energy. In addition, fuel cells, natural gases, and batteries are also available for our use, and much better for our earth. If we are not quick enough to prevent the damage before it occurs, the least we can do is restore environments once they have been damaged by acid rain. The process of liming is very useful in repairing damaged lakes, rivers, and brooks. Adding lime into these acidic waters balances the acidity, but it is very expensive and is only effective for a short period of time. Even though it is not a permanent solution, and it is not cost effective, it does help aquatic life survive, which is crucial to our ecosystem. Although solutions to this harmful chemical might be obvious to us, millions of people directly and indirectly contribute to SOx and NOx emission without even knowing it. In order to change this, individuals should be informed on how to conserve energy and reduce emissions such as turning off lights or electrical appliances when they are not in use, using public transportation or hybrid vehicles/those with low NOx emissions, and using energy efficient electrical appliances. Contrary to what you might think, acid rain does not have to be the end of life on earth because there are many things every person can do to make a difference.