Alba ((Sekran & Bougie, 2016). The customer

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Alba & Chapadlhay
(1985) utilized a similar technique in testing for brand awareness. They asked
participants to write down their responses to this question: “What brands come
to mind when you think about beer?” In looking at reliability, test-retest
reliability is applicable. The questionnaire can be administered to the same
set of participants at various times. If the participants continue to name the
particular brand in question (BJ) over and over again at different times, then
the better the test-reliability is as well as the stability of the measure
across time ((Sekran & Bougie, 2016). The customer contact method that will
be employed is electronic and online communication. The electronic and online
technique is chosen to provide easier and more accessible to respondents, as the
surveys can be distributed through e-mail, social media sites and can reach
individuals from geographically far regions. Secondly, by choosing this
distribution channel, the processing for respondents is easy and fast.

Lastly, with regard to
analytical tools, Excel would be used to help organize and compute survey data.
In addition, online tools such as Google Surveys can be used to distribute and
calculate survey responses.

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problem are you trying to solve or lack of knowledge are you attempting to
fill? Your

needs to involve the comparison of measurements usually the means or averages
of data

The ice cream industry
has long-standing been a dominate force within the global market. One of the ways
the industry continues to flourish is through re-invention, innovation, and
unique flavor trends. It is through these practices that the industry is
predicted to grow roughly 5% within the next 4 years. Additionally, contribution
for growth is predicted to come from an increase in demand for premium
ice-cream, a rise in take-home ice cream consumption and the growing popularity
of functional ice creams. Given, these rising demands and the ever growing market
opportunities, the ice cream market has become highly fragmented and
competitive as ever. Thus, consumers have more access to a variety of brands
and flavors. In looking at sales data between Ben & Jerry competitors,
Breyer’s has 503.2 million in sales, Haagen-Dazs has 46l.1 million in sales and
Blue Bell has 425.8 million in sales (Statista, 2017). Therefore, the knowledge
being attempted to fill is to uncover what influences brand awareness?

What is your research question that stems from your
problem definition? Create a Research Question (a relatively narrow question
that represents an important issue in your selected company or industry-state
it succinctly).

research question is the fundamental core of a research project, study, or
review of literature. It focuses the study, determines the methodology, and
guides all stages of inquiry, analysis, and reporting. Research questions are
formed through exploratory and descriptive means. The problem statement was,
what influences brand awareness? The focused research question that stems from
the problem: Is the awareness of my product or a competitor’s product greater?


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