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AIDS Research Essay, Research Paper

AIDS Research

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Amy Langton

All A.I.D.S research should be funded by the authorities.

Today A.I.D.S has become a big concern within society. Sexually active young person

are invariably threatened with the opportunity of acquiring A.I.D.S.. A.I.D.S is

everyone & # 8217 ; s job and a remedy has to be found.

With support from the authorities, it will supply the capital necessary for

the research to happen a remedy, to halt the spread of A.I.D.S ; finally conveying

down the figure of people undertaking and distributing the disease.

Soon, many people have contracted the A.I.D.S virus, and it has become

near to an epidemic. Peoples who are sexually active have this changeless menace

of the disease looming over their caputs. The people that contract the disease

are normal people merely like you and I. This disease does non prefer any race or

sexual penchant. Many more people than you might believe hold this disease,

and the thing is many of these people, don & # 8217 ; t even know that they have the virus.

Although many people may see A.I.D.S research as dearly-won and uneffective

it is highly of import as a remedy is found. Research requires a batch of

funding whether it be private or authorities support. This money

is exceptionally

of import, as it provides the equipment, and the peoples wage who are making

the research. The sum of money needed for the research may look like it is a

batch, but it is worth it. It is worth it because if you consider the sum of

money that we give to foreign states to help their economic system we could be utilizing

this money to salvage peoples lives all around the universe. Peoples are deceasing

everyday, and many more are in infirmaries ; so if we find the remedy we will salvage

lives, and acquire these people who have contracted the disease out of infirmaries,

and populating on their ain once more.

Furthermore, research to halt the spread of A.I.D.S must be done. Meanwhile,

in the hunt for a remedy, research has to be done to happen better methods of

halting the spread of the disease. Soon, we have a few methods but the

most common are abstinence and the usage of a rubber. The lone method that is 100

per centum is abstinence. The rubber is non 100 per centum and you still run the hazard

of undertaking A.I.D.S during sex. In decision as A.I.D.S is going more

common and there is no remedy we need to supply the support to halt this fatal

disease. For this ground, it is of import that the Government provide sufficient

financess for research.