Academic management system Essay


The intent of the papers

This papers is designed to depict and give a image to the intended users of the proposed system which is a web-based academic direction system. The users are the staffs of MMU who are in charge of the academic determination doing. They are divided to division and those divisions are ordered in hierarchal mode where the lower division passes the instance or ITEM, as it is called, to the upper lever.

This papers shall non be considered as the concluding merchandise of the undertaking. It is meant as initial mention papers for farther accommodation to find and specify the concluding range the user demands.

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By the terminal of this papers reader should cognize the followers: –

  1. What the system is.
  2. What the functionalities of the system are.
  3. What the restraints of the system.
  4. The type of the users and their privileges.
  5. The undertaking and duties of each user.
  6. The initial interface and layout of the system.
  7. What the concern regulations of the system.
  8. System aims.
  9. The current system.
  10. The jobs of the current system.
  11. The job statements.
  12. The proposed solution.
  13. The package specification demand.

Information assemblage

This user demands papers is based on several Sessionss of meeting and treatments with relevant people at MMU in order to acquire clearer image of the system and the functionalities of the system.

There was cooperation every bit good between the group leaders in interchanging and discoursing the System ‘s demand and this is what we could acquire it so far.

Problem statements

There are two chief jobs with the Academic Management System which are all the work are done manually and insistent undertakings are done in the system.

There are three of import countries in the academic direction system which includes the admittance, syllabus/content, and assessment/graduation. All these procedures need to travel through complicated processs before they are being approved.

First of wholly, when there is a pupil send in an application signifier the several authorization for illustration to the Institute of Post Graduate Studies ( IPS ) so the staff will look into through the paperss. If the paperss are non complete, so it will be send to bespeak losing point. Otherwise, if all the paperss are complete, it will be send to faculty research and development ( R & A ; D ) degree. At here, if the application is approved it will be send to faculty board. If it is non, so the module R & A ; D will necessitate to propose recommendations and extra information demands to be submitted. It will so be reviewed and being direct to IPS once more to acquire the blessing. On the other manus, if the recommendations are rejected so the applier will be informed to allow them cognize that their application has failed.

The 3rd degree is the module board degree, where they will besides necessitate to measure the application to either O.K. or reject it. If the module board rejects it, they will necessitate to give the recommendation like other degrees do and to inform the applier about the failure of the application. Or else, if it is accepted so the module board will subject the recommendation to board of graduate students surveies ( BOP ) .

If the BOP accepts the application, so it will be send to the senate. When the senate approves it, so missive of offer will be issued and sent out to the applier to inform them about their blessing of application.

Directors or helper directors will foremost fix points that require determinations in Microsoft Word paperss. Submission of points is being emailed in fond regards to secretary of commission. The secretary will manually form the points on a local computing machine. The job comes during circulation procedure where the secretary will necessitate to name out the points in an electronic mail with fond regards to members of commission. Committee member may notice or inquire inquiry about the point by directing an electronic mail to the secretary. Secretary will so send on the electronic mail to the individual who submitted the point and so frontward and answer to the member who asked the inquiry. If any one of the commission culls, so the secretary will inform everyone who submitted through electronic mail whether their point is approved.

The job is there are excessively many fond regards being attached during sending of electronic mails. And some of the fond regards might be duplicated because after some of the commission members download it they may rename the file and the same file will be uploaded once more and direct to the transmitter of the electronic mail. Attaching emails besides will take a really long clip when there are excessively many of them. This can take to clip blowing by merely waiting for the computing machine to take clip to upload the file to the electronic mail, particularly when the file size is large.

Besides, the secretary will happen the work really deadening and boring whenever person answer their electronic mail because they will necessitate to open each and every individual fond regard to look into whether they has approved or rejected the application or point being sent out earlier on. This happens to be the same state of affairs when any commission member has a inquiry to inquire. The secretary will necessitate to send on back the electronic mail to the individual who submitted the point and when he replied, so the secretary will necessitate to send on the replied electronic mail to the individual who asked the inquiry.

As what we can see here, these procedures can be cut short and less clip devouring if there is a system that can make all these merely in the dent of clip. Because it will take few yearss clip for the commission members to react to the point sent out. And when they have any inquiry or uncertainty it will take more yearss for them to make up one’s mind whether to O.K. on the point.

Above and beyond, it is a waste of resources to merely direct out and have the electronic mails and opening up the fond regard one by one and look intoing on the content of the electronic mail. These times can be used to execute more undertakings besides to increase on the efficiency of the staffs and the section in add-on.

As a affair of fact, holding a system that can help the staffs on bettering and increasing on the procedure of point circulation can assist to salvage non merely clip but besides money and other related resources.


The range of this undertaking is to implement Academic Management System. It is system where affairs related to the academicals quality and affairs in MMU are good presented and communicated via the system among the concerned parties. And the instances ( points ) are reported from one bomber division to the upper division till they reach the highest authorization to be entertained and for determination intent. The range of the system will be based on the type of the users which are categorized into three chief groups

  • Directors / Assistant Managers of Faculties and Academic Centers who submit points
  • Secretaries of commissions who manage points for meetings and direct out circulations
  • Members of commissions who makes determinations and remarks on points
  • Web maestro or the chief decision maker.

The execution of this system is intended to accomplish the undermentioned ends:

To increase efficiency

  • Provide better entree to information.
  • Minimize user interactivities in executing the undertaking and minimise the typewriting procedure by making templet where the user has to type merely the name of the point and any necessary remark whereas the remainder is done by utilizing buttons and GUI tools.
  • Requires less clip in communicating among the divisions.
  • Documents car generated such as docket, the meeting proceedingss and uploaded to the bulletin board or emailed automatically to the related people after been checked.
  • Notify is sent automatically and straight after the ITEM is approved or rejected and this can be done utilizing bulletin board.
  • Enquiry or remark is posted and delivered to all the related parties.
  • Easily form the Items by dragging and traveling the points around.

Easy pilotage and well-designed interface

  • Supply a system that is diagrammatically user interface.
  • Fully enlightening and convenient system and good defined system functionality that are easy to be learned and used.
  • Fast entree and faster procedure for voyaging through the system.
  • High public presentation theodolite options.
  • Attractive design and healthy colour choices.

Privacy and security confidence

  • Supply entree merely to authorized forces.
  • Provide none transparence environments among division so merely related division to an Item can see the flow of the point traveling through the upper degrees.
  • Stipulate the privileges harmonizing to the usage type.
  • Provide different interface to each type of user based on their privileges and undertakings or maps.
  • Merely the point transmitter can change or alter the content of the point if he has been notified for a typo mistakes and logic confliction.

Reliable and easy informations retrieve

  • System allows recovering informations based on some logical status such as, Approved, rejected, ITEM instance and ITEM day of the month.
  • Shows clip and take the clip and the day of the month of the computing machine at the minute of the subjecting any point.
  • Datas are integrated and incompatibility is reduced for bring forthing pure informations.

Integral, movable and compatible system

  • The system can be integrated with other bing systems.
  • Compatible and conformity with external and internal informations such as users current database.

Denominations, Acronyms and Abbreviated

  • Client: The sellers or the users of the system.
  • Administrator: The web maestro or it is the individual who has control all over the web site.
  • Division: Departments.
  • Item: it instance that is academically related which needs to be attended and determination must be made.
  • BOE: testers.
  • ACP: academic corporate planning.
  • SAA: pupil ‘s affair commission.
  • ADC: academic development commission.
  • BOP: board of graduate student surveies.
  • Senate: the highest authorization and determination shapers.
  • IEEE: institute of electrical and electronics technology.
  • Strontium: package Requirement Specification.
  • Staff: people who work in MMU and related to the system.
  • Waiter: the chief computing machine.
  • Mysql: database version.
  • PHP: is a scripting linguistic communication originally designed for bring forthing dynamic web pages.
  • Apache: Open beginning waiter.
  • Team: the developer squad members.
  • Web: web of computing machines that form the internett


In this subdivision we will depict the features and the environment of the system and its related constituent. Furthermore, this subdivision describes the users ‘ features and the maps based on the type of user. Besides it covers the restraints and the operating environment.

Product position

Web-based online academic direction system is a system that is intended to replace the current system, semi manual system, which is being used. This system needs to be connected to a database for informations storage intent. Besides this system should be compatible with MMU system for the ground that we need to entree the current database which MMU has for recovering staff and users information. It needs to be operated in a waiter.

Merchandise characteristic

In order to keep the academic quality of the University and to work out and do determination on points that ever arises from the day-to-day activities and specific process in the University, a process must be prescribed. For any point to be proved or rejected these process must be applied and frontward from one authorization degree to upper authorization degree. This process usually ends at the highest degree which is known as the senate. The senate members are the 1s who at the terminal either cull or O.K. instances which are known as ITEMS here. In order to maintain path of the points sent from the lower degree to the top degree and to see if the point has been rejected or approved, academic direction system is needed.

merchandise maps

As it has been mentioned antecedently, we have four different potency users for the proposed system. Consequently, the maps to be performed are different from one user to another and they are based on different standards such as user class, user privileges, and the type of ITEM to be attended.

However, there are common maps that each one of each class can make.

They include but non limited to the followers: –

  1. Can log in to the system by utilizing the first given watchword from the secretary.
  2. Can alter watchword.
  3. Can see statues of selected Items.

The merchandise maps based on the user class

Webmaster/ chief decision maker

The webmaster or the chief admin is the most of import user and he has the most privileges of system. He can execute maps.

They include but non limited to the followers: –

  1. Form divisions.
  2. Assign secretary to each division.
  3. Maintain and serve the web site.
  4. Form the senate members.


They include but non limited to the followers: –

  1. Assign commissions.
  2. Arrange the meetings.
  3. Upload related files.
  4. Form the Items and travel them about.
  5. Check the generated docket before the meeting and upload it for the members to see it 3 yearss before the meeting.
  6. Key in informations required for car bring forthing the Minutes during the meetings.
  7. Submit Items to the members of the commission that are pressing and needs to be circulated and verse versa for the senate ‘s secretary.


They include but non limited to the followers: –

  1. Finalize determination made sing the meeting ‘s point ( reject or O.K. ) .
  2. Name for meeting.
  3. Upload related points.
  4. After the meeting, submit the sanctioned point in that division to the upper authorization degree.
  5. Committee members

They include but non limited to the followers: –

  1. Make determination and remark on points.
  2. Answer on circulated point.
  3. Confirm the meeting attending.
  4. View circulated point.
  5. View docket.
  6. View Minutes.
  7. View submitted points statues either approved or rejected ( the points that have been submitted to the upper degree )


They include but non limited to the followers: –

  1. Name for meeting.
  2. Approve or reject points.
  3. View Items informations warehouse storage.
  4. View senate ‘s notifying Items.
  5. Remark points.
  6. Ask for enquiry related to points.
  7. Endorse specific points.

user interface

We have to set in consideration that the user of the system might be none IT people so the system should hold flexible and easy to utilize interface.


  1. Regulative Policies: There are no regulative policies.
  2. Hardware Restrictions: There are no hardware restrictions.
  3. Interfaces to other Applications: The system should be compatible with other system peculiarly the current database which this system will entree. So there shall be no interfaces.
  4. Parallel Operationss: There are no parallel operations.
  5. Audited account Functions: There shall be no audit maps.
  6. Control Functions: There shall be no control maps
  7. Higher-order Language Functions: The PHP shall be used for developing the web pages with the aid of Macromedia Dreamveawer. For the database information, MySQL shall be used.
  8. Signal Handshake Protocols: This is no signal handshaking protocols.
  9. Dependability Requirements: Entire figure of bugs in the system shall non transcend % 1 of the entire line figure of codification, except connexion dependability which is out of our scope.
  10. Criticality of the Application: The waiter applications shall be available 365 yearss.
  11. Safety and Security Considerations: The watchword and a valid username are the security issues. Data protection shall be satisfied by the backup procedure at the server side.


Web-based Academic direction system is a system where the members of the divisions use to pass on for the intent of go toing and doing determinations on points related to academically affairs for the interest of guaranting academic quality. The users are categorized to different groups and each user has his ain demand of maps to execute utilizing the system. We have come up with demands but they should non be considered as the concluding and lone demands. It will be used as counsel for the system design, however, more demands will be identified throughout the system developments stages.