A trait that has been passed to me through my family is stubbornness Essay

A trait that has been passed to me through my family is stubbornness. I found usefulness for this trait when faced with academic challenges in life. While studying, I finally derive the right answer to solve problem only after trying all possible solutions, this has actually accounted for my success in the field of study. The strength and doggedness needed in order to solve the problems come from my inborn stubbornness. I detest the idea of giving up on task; it makes me feel as if I am turning away from the final solution when I am just fewer steps away from it. So my stubbornness helps me advance better in my academic career.

I would start a club and name it “iDesign”. I will gather people to come together, brainstorm for submission of ideas. The ideas can be anything, ranging from overall global issues to small ideas about transforming old t-shirts to better new ones. The goal is to provide an avenue where people who are usually busy with studies can come together.  While gathering in my club, they relax; rub minds and share all their ideas.

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I would sing the Chinese National Anthem. I had been singing this song ever since my elementary school I attended in China. This is where come from, and it tells a lot about who I am. Even though I am in the US right now, I still have Chinese blood running in my body system. If I had been selected to sing for a talent hunt, I would sing this song and be proud of myself for singing it, proud of its meanings, because the song really means more than a lot to me. I love singing it so much. I am already singing it in my mind as I write this piece.

I have always shown interest in Business; family influence played a big part in the sustenance of this interest. International Business interests me in the way because the career will possibly involve regular traveling and interactions with different people trading different kinds of business worldwide. More so, the diversity in this engagement sounds amazing to me.