A Research Study into the Salary Levels of a Common Employee in Dubai Essay




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Research inquiry and aims



Evaluation of methodological analysis



Research fundamentally is all about hunt for cognition. Research is any methodical process by which new information is produced from available information. This information can come in many different types, such as new information that were once unidentified, constructs about how information are connected, or detecting new concerns that have yet to be answered.

Harmonizing to Clifford Woody ( Kothari, 1988 ) , research comprises “defining and redefining jobs, explicating hypotheses or suggested solutions ; roll uping, forming and measuring informations ; doing tax write-offs and making decisions ; and eventually, carefully proving the decisions to find whether they fit the formulated hypotheses” .

What creates persons to execute research? This is a question of indispensable significance. The

Possible intents for making analysis may be either one or more of the followers:

1. Wish to acquire a analysis degree along with its ensuing benefits ;

2. Wish to cover with the undertaking in repairing the unsolved issues, i.e. , issue over practical

Problems triggers research ;

3. Wish to acquire perceptive joy of making some advanced work ;

4. Wish to be of aid to society ;

However, this is non a comprehensive list of facets promoting persons to put to death experiments. Many more facets such as directives of authorities, calling fortunes, captivation about new things, wish to understand causal connexions, societal thought and consciousness, and the similar may every bit good promote ( or at times compel ) persons to put to death analysis maps.


The study designed to happen out whether the Salary degree of a common employee in Dubai is equal for endurance and make a small preserving for eventuality period. My research will besides concentrate on the self-destruction rate in Dubai due to incompetent incomes and the incapableness of people to carry through their debt.

A research starts by developing research survey summarize demands taking to admit the factors that give rise to procedure of taking a research demands. A critical research is dome of the collected information whether it is a primary or secondary beginning of information. A research survey demands will be produced and the scheme and research manner will be decided including the type of research, reappraisal day of the month, inquiry or constructs, stableness methodological analysis etc.

The 2nd learning result must guarantee that the resources expeditiously match the specified research manner and methodological analysis. While analysing a deep research is done of the mathematical information, variables and other factors.

The 3rd analyzing consequence specializes in utilizing appropriate appraisal techniques and to what extent it suits the research demands sing its success, neglecting, benefits and limitations. Finally it must be presented to an audience through a proper format.

In this Assignment I will seek to look into that is the mean wage of an employer’s working is equal to last in Dubai the most dearly-won metropolis in the universe? or is it the climb debts which people take from the bank and so couldn’t non refund it is the chief ground of the addition self-destruction instances in Dubai or conditions there are other factors which encourage people to stop their life.

Dubai is a metropolis situated within the emirate. Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the state. It has the biggest dwellers in the UAE ( 2,106,177 ) and Expatriates was standing at about 7.316 million, bookkeeping for around 88.5 per cent of the state ‘s people in this state, revealed the Numberss by the National Institution of Research, which well improved up the UAE’s dwellers.

Today, Dubai has appeared as a sophisticated metropolis that has expanded continuously to go an international metropolis and a concern and societal hub of the Middle East.

The town has become representational for its tall constructions and high-rise constructions, such as the highest Burj Khalifa, in add-on to committed development undertakings such as semisynthetic isles, resorts, and some of the biggest shopping centres in the country and the Earth. This improved attending has besides outlined work and human privileges issues refering the town ‘s largely South Asia employees.

As of 2012, Dubai is the 22 most dearly-won metropoliss on the Earth, and the most dearly-won metropolis in the Center Eastern. Dubai has besides been ranked as one of the best topographic points to shack in the Center Eastern.

Wages differ loosely in Dubai, based on your experience and treatment abilities. Dubai has no lowest salary rates or changeless wages. Wage offers are largely reliant on your dialogue accomplishments. The UAE Government Labor Law and the Emirate of Dubai does non hold the supply for last income, and your basic wage are what is a discussed rate predetermined in your labour understanding.

Salary scope for a assortment of sectors.

Job class

Average Monthly Wage



Courier / Delivery / Transport / Drivers




Buying and Inventory


Accounting and Finance


Gross saless Retail and Wholesale


Teaching / Education


Airlines / Aviation / Defense


Apart from salary, the high quality of life style that you would hold in Dubai relies on several facets like:

Nature of life manner

Cost of adjustment

Food and Transportation cost

Buying power and etc

Research inquiry and aims

The first aim is to happen out if the mean wage of an person in Dubai is adequate to last, every bit good as to keep, sensible sum of nest eggs while they fight the lifting costs of the emirate. Another issue that will be tackled in the research is to happen out why there is a rise in suicide instances in the metropolis, every bit good as what measures can be taken to assist convey down this rate of self-destruction.

The aim will be to happen out why the high degree of suicide exists and what the chief issues doing it might be. The research objectives that I have set for myself are: to happen out if people are satisfied with their wages, to happen the best sample of people and acquire the most relevant informations, every bit good as to happen a manner to work out the issue.

One of the most of import facets of research, and happening out information, is about inquiring the right inquiries. Some of the inquiries that will be asked to the persons that are being targeted in the research will be: ‘Is the wage you are deriving plenty to last in Dubai with a normal life style? ’ , ‘In your sentiment, what are the chief factors that have contributed to the high suicidal rate in the emirate? ’ and ‘Is taking loans from Bankss necessary to keep a certain life style in Dubai? ’


The past old ages in Dubai have seen a steady growing in the sum of suicide instances in the emirate. The research that will be conducted will take to happen the chief ground for why this factor is increasing in the country. Harmonizing to articles found on Gulf News, the highest self-destructive rate is found in the expatriate population of the state, which makes up 92 % of UAE’s population.

To be specific, the highest self-destruction rate is found in the Indian community of the state. An amazing statistic is that in every hebdomad, at least two Indians claim their ain lives in Dubai. Through adept sentiment, care of high life styles in UAE, is the chief part to the high self-destruction rate of the people shacking at that place. The research conducted by these experts show that these people fall into debt as they take loans and they find themselves holding a difficult clip paying them back.


This component of the research undertaking is one the important facet, as it identifies how is the specializer traveling to acquire the research ends and will besides inform people about how the information ( information ) has been gathered. These two is designed can be farther separated into two parts in this country, research design and information aggregation. In research design portion I will depict which industry I will be concentrating on, my analysis population, how gathering information ( primary or secondary ) and etc. in information choice facet I will be depicting about how I’m traveling to garner my information, how will I measure it and etc.

Research design: the industry which I will be concentrating on the most in my analysis survey will be the third sector ; the intent for this is that most of the persons runing in Dubai are in the third industry as opposed to other countries. The intent for most persons being engaged in the third industry is because Dubai as in comparing to other topographic points in the UAE is more intentional and comes in the western part of the state. Apart from that I will be utilizing both the chief and the extra resource for inside informations choice, which will besides include both qualitative and quantitative inside informations, in other footings I will be utilizing mixture inside informations choice methods. Using a mixture for inside informations choice is a spot hard but will give more precise and up up to now outcomes, by utilizing merely one technique of inside informations choice may be shorter period intensive but the results won’t be every bit precise as utilizing the mixture scheme for inside informations choice. Using the mixture of different inside informations choice scheme allows the specializer to grok the alone fortunes more accurately more precise and more up up to now inside informations, this in a manner besides encourages the specializer he/she will experience assured about their work as they have non merely used extra inside informations but have besides used the primary informations

My combination of informations aggregation technique will affect elements like:

Information collected from cyberspace, books, diaries and etc

Will plan a questionnaire ( near handed inquiries )

Will seek to carry on interviews and etc.

Data aggregation: as mentioned above about my different techniques which I will be utilizing to roll up informations, allow us travel into more item about how will I utilize these techniques and how will I implement them to acquire my concluding consequences.

My mark population, will be people from the third and the secondary sectors, and my sample size will be around 10-15 people as I’m non making this research on a really big graduated table. I will be carry oning little interviews from people working in these two sectors, and will seek to inquire them some little inquiries like:

Which sector in the industry u belongs to?

Are you satisfied with your occupation?

Are you happy or satisfied with your current life style?

Are you able to carry through all your demands and wants? If non so what are some of the possible grounds behind that?

I will besides plan some stopping point handed questionnaire with some unfastened handed inquiries which I will administer in some people and even seek to direct my questionnaire through electronic mails to different people working in the third sector. The ground for inquiring inquiries from different people is to acquire an thought what they think about this issue, and what are their sentiments sing this issue.

I will so seek to analyse all the replies, will besides seek to compare with my secondary informations that I have collected via cyberspace, diaries, article and etc and so seek to happen out what are the grounds behind people perpetrating self-destructions and are they satisfied from their wages which they receive, harmonizing to the interviewees point of position and is the loan paying publish the chief cause of self-destructions.

Evaluation of methodological analysis

After two hebdomads of carry oning my primary and secondary research, it has given me good cognition of the life conditions of people in Dubai, in respects to how their salary affects the manner they live in a society that is large on disbursement.

For my primary research, I interviewed 15 people in the third sector and the response I got from them was that 10 out of 15 were happy with the current wage they were gaining. Harmonizing to the lifestyle factors, their response was that they had to orient their lifestyle harmonizing to their wage, which meant that most of them ne’er spent beyond their agencies which is why they were stable, even during the recession period. Their sentiment on what is lending to the high self-destruction rate in Dubai, is that people have entree to loans and they are taken on regular footing for unwanted grounds. These people so find themselves in a pool of debt that they can non acquire out of.

For my secondary research, I focused chiefly on acquiring my information through local newspapers which have good circulars and a library of good information on their web sites online. The lifting costs of life in Dubai, and it associating to the self-destruction rate in the country, caused a batch of concern in the society which meant that it was a extremely discussed issue in the newspapers. This meant that I had a big entree to good in-depth research conducted by intelligence bureaus, such as Gulf News, who had articles which took an in-depth expression on this issue. They have linked the high suicidal rate to the force per unit area taken on by people themselves, who have taken big loans for unneeded disbursals, in order to keep a high criterion life style in Dubai. They besides go on to state that with the lifting costs of life in the country, the wages given to people are non equal plenty to get by with the lifting disbursals.

Harmonizing to the local intelligence organisation ( emirates247 ) did a research in the twelvemonth 2011 and found out that there is an immense addition in the self-destructive instances and the nationality which was the most among these instances were the “Indians” , they were the nationality which commits self-destruction more frequently than any other nationality life in Dubai, and non really surprisingly the ground for most of the Indians that were perpetrating self-destructions were because of the debt factor, many of them have taken loans from different Bankss and their different friends, college and etc. the Indian authorities is still working on to get the better of this state of affairs by giving some fiscal benefits and etc.


After I had conducted my research, I am able to come to the decision that the wages earned by people is adequate to populate in Dubai, every bit long as they are reasonable when it comes to their disbursement. The people who are falling victim to suicide, are the 1s who are non being smart when it comes to managing their personal histories and they put undue force per unit area on themselves, by taking loans for unneeded disbursals, as in one instance: merely to purchase an HD television. The people that are smart plenty to command their money are non holding the hardest clip to populate in Dubai but they do acknowledge it is a challenge and you have to be smart in doing determinations.

The state of UAE, as a whole, is affected by changing rising prices rates which play a major portion in the elevation of the cost of life in Dubai, which in certain instances, have made it impossible for people to populate in the state. This is an country where the authorities needs to step in and put a minimal pay rate, as there is non one nowadays in the current set up of the state. Another factor that the authorities should look at, is to do certain that wages are in line with the rising prices rate, to do certain that no un due force per unit area is put upon the population. Rigorous ordinances have to be implemented when it comes to taking loans from Bankss.

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