“A” for Alienation Essay

Alienation is a common subject in all authorship ; nevertheless. in The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. ne’er has disaffection been so vividly accounted. The Scarlet Letter is a narrative about Hester Prynne. a adult female who commits criminal conversation against her hubby named Roger Chillingworth. with the local clergyman named Arthur Dimmesdale ; the consequence is a unusual kid named Pearl. The secret plan thickens as the kept woman and the clergyman strive to maintain their wickedness a secret. and as Chillingworth appears back in town concealing his true individuality ; it climaxes on a scaffold where all secrets are revealed. Alienation is a heavy subject throughout the book. and it adds an unbelievable turn to see it’s impact on the characters. Alienation is portrayed through symbols. behaviour. and play with Hester. Pearl and Dimmesdale. Each character is associated with an of import symbol that sets them apart from society. They besides each trade with their disaffection in different ways with different behaviours. and they are treated otherwise by society doing play. In the terminal. some can cover being castawaies from society. but some can non.

Hester. the chief character of the book. is most obviously alienated from society for her wickedness. The most of import symbol in the book. the embroidered “A” on her bosom. sewed on as penalty for criminal conversation. is besides a symbol for disaffection. She is different from all of society because of that grade. and can ne’er populate a normal life because of it. “…Let her cover the grade as she will. the stab of it will be ever in her bosom. ” ( 38 ) . said a townsperson at first sight of the vermilion missive. As seen in this quotation mark. society will ever look at the vermilion missive as a wall between themselves and Hester. Hester’s behaviour shows how greatly she is affected by her disaffection.

“Lonely as was Hester’s state of affairs and without a friend on Earth who dared to she herself. she. nevertheless. incurred no hazard of privation. ” ( 57 ) ; in this quotation mark one sees how being alienated from society can do a individual to go an introvert and go a exanimate organic structure as Hester had become. There is a batch of play environing Hester ; all of society expressions at Hester in shame. This complete shun from society thrusts Hester to populate in an stray bungalow off from people. “In this small. only dwelling…Hester established herself with her infant kid. ” ( 57 ) . This peculiar dramatic event alienated Hester geographically every bit good as socially. Hester’s disaffection besides causes others to go anomic like her girl and the one she has an matter with ; nevertheless. Hester is most aggressively alienated from all.

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Hester’s girl. Pearl. is besides alienated from society. Her disaffection has different fortunes. nevertheless. because she was born an foreigner. she did nil wrong. Since she is the merchandise of wickedness. many consider her a “demon child” with supernatural powers. For this ground. she herself is a symbol of her disaffection ; “It [ Pearl ] was the vermilion missive in another signifier ; the vermilion missive endowed with life! ” ( 70 ) . She is compared to Hester’s symbol of disaffection. but she is a external respiration. populating signifier of the same symbol. She alienated herself and her female parent from society. She is non your normal kid. she acts really different ; “She [ Hester ] could acknowledge her [ Pearl ] natural state. desperate. defiant. temper. the arbitrariness of her pique. and even some of the really cloud-shapes of somberness and despondence that had brooded in her bosom. ” ( 63 ) .

In this description of Pearl’s behaviour. we see a kid that does non suit in your normal Puritan cast ; she is a kid filled of energy. character. and mischievousness. She finds a manner to populate a happy life regardless of being an castaway from society. Because of Pearl’s behaviour and her mother’s wickedness. tonss of play occurs around the ownership of the kid ; “Women it is thy patch of shame! …It is because of the discoloration which that missive indicates. that we would reassign thy kid to other custodies. ” ( 76 ) . Here. Governor Bellingham is seeking to take Pearl from her female parent to give her a “normal” life in effort to raise the kid into your norm. shaped Puritan. Pearl is a free willed small miss who circumstantially is outcasted by society.

Arthur Dimmesdale. the local clergyman. is Pearls male parent ; nevertheless. this is a secret kept from society and is revealed in the concluding scene. Dimmesdale’s secret guilt alienates him internally from everyone around him. His concealed wickedness is eating him alive while he continues to set a mask on and preach to society as if nil is incorrect. This concealed secret is symbolized in the book as an unknown marker on his thorax over his bosom. “With a spasmodic gesture he tore away the ministerial set from before his chest. It was revealed! ” ( 172 ) ; here. Dimmesdale reveals the markers on his thorax to all of society and uncover his secret. This marker. endure it be a red missive or non. is what symbolizes his disaffection. It is an internal disaffection from the outside universe. and is non known by society until this minute.

His behaviour prior to this event should marks of a deep unwellness. non curable by any medical specialty. “His nervus seemed perfectly destroyed. His moral force was abused into more than infantile failing. ” ( 109 ) . Dimmesdale is weak in spirit and in wellness due to his extreme guilt estranging him from society. His behaviour reflects his wellness which is in hazard due to his secret. This utmost force per unit area causes dramatic events to happen before the concluding flood tide. “Walking in the shadow of a dream. as it were. and possibly really under the influence of a species of sleepwalking. ” ( 101 ) . The writer here describes Dimmesdale’s journey to the scaffold one dark ; this dark he can take the guilt no longer. It describes him to be in another universe controlled by his guilt. He is alienated from all when he is in this frame of head. and this can be seen through dramatic events such as this. Dimmesdale’s secret wickedness has caused his character to alter well while estranging him for the remainder of the town.

The three “aliens” in this narrative have different types of disaffection. and are under different circumstance excessively ; however. the simple fact remains. they are alienated from their milieus. Each character trades with their disaffection a different manner. and this is apparent at the terminal of the narrative. Dimmesdale can non take his inner guilt any longer and dies. Pearl battles through her jobs to populate a normal life. and Hester lives everlastingly in her wickedness on her ain. Through symbols. each character’s behaviour. and the play happening in their lives. disaffection can be depicted with each character ; nevertheless. the result of their disaffection is governed merely by the interior qualities of the character that the writer has created. This reoccurring subject in literature has ne’er taken a similar turn of results. and it has brought involvement. exhilaration. and intending to the narrative.