Pompeii in 2014, by Paul W. S. Anderson, is a 3D historical film that happened in 79 A.D, when Pompeii was destroyed. The story is about Milo, a Celtic gladiator who lives in slavery, falls in love with a noblewoman, Cassia, on the night of a huge volcanic eruption that ruins the city of Pompeii. Also, Milo comes across and has a chance to face the man who slaughtered his family earlier. This film has great visual effects and scenes with drama and action. The historical information is mostly accurate. Great details are shown in the film that look like they would have in 79 AD, such as the handcrafted cobblestones, the hand-painted wall paintings and mosaics. The city presented was not only a colorful, atmospheric wonder, but also based on real buildings that are preserved in ash. However, some villas are not in their actual location since it was not by the ocean in real life.Everything in the movie is conventional nature. The heroes are drawn with a thick line. Even though the film has some impressive special effects, I am not convinced in this role. Meanwhile, the film did not use too much history from ancient Roman, except the setting and time. At the same time, the vision of the city’s destruction is insufficient. I think that the explosion occurs too late and when it finally arrives at it; everything happens at an accelerated pace. Instead of enjoying various forms of destruction, it is treated that the exploding Vesuvius, only as a background for the story of Milo and Cassia. The great flood wave, the sea of fire, dust clouds flying and boulders are only a computer-created addition, which does not look so spectacular at all. I thought this scene should be unforgettable, but I was not impressed, but feel cheap. Love and death are counterparts of the movie, but Pompeii is a film that focuses more on romantic than historical disaster. Overall, some elements of the story are exaggerated, but the whole Pompeii were accurate, so I give this movie 5/10.


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